Village of Brewster, Ohio

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Village Gas Aggregation Program

Village Gas Aggregation: 

The current rate for the natural gas aggregation is 7% off of Columbia Gas of Ohio's Standard Choice Offer Adder for the October 2016 through October 2018 billing cycles. Contact Volunteer Energy Services, Inc. for more information or to enroll at 800-977-8374.  This is an Opt-out program in that shortly before the current contract is renewed with Volunteer Energy or another provider each Village resident will be contacted by mail by the provider, and given the opportunity to Opt-out.   If the resident does not Opt-out during a specified period of time, the resident will be part of the Village's natural gas aggregation program for the duration of the contract.    As a natural gas user you may want to visit the PUCO web site at www.puco.ohio.gov to compare rates during any Opt-out period.

 PLEASE NOTE: Volunteer Energy has been recommended, over five competing suppliers, by the Village's Natural Gas Broker, Buckeye Energy, to to be Brewster's Natural Gas Aggregation Program supplier from October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2018.  Brewster Council has approved legislation to continue with Volunteer Energy (VESI) for that time period.    VESI will send out an information packet in September of 2016 that explains the program and that will include an OPT-Out FORM for those that wish to NOT participate in the Village Gas Aggregation program for the term of the contract.  A copy is shown below.  For any questions please contact VESI at 1-800-977-8374.