Village of Brewster, Ohio

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Village Police Department

Brewster Police Station at 145 W. First Street
Brewster Police Station at 145 W. First Street










Emergency:  Dial 911
Dispatch:       330-830-4272 to reach the On Duty Officer

Office Phone: 330-767-3191


The Village PD recently had a new phone system installed in an attempt to provide a more readily accessible Officer on Duty.   As you know, for most of the 24 hour day only one Officer is available which at times makes contact of an Officer through the PD phone difficult.  The new system has the usual "push this button" to get the specific individual, but contains a call forwarding feature that connects the caller to PD Dispatch through the RED Center in Massillon.    When you call the PD at 330-767-3191 the phone will ring two times and then a message will provide several options with the first option available being "Push O" which connects the caller directly to dispatch.   Dispatch will contact the Officer on duty by radio.   May we ask that if you do not need an Officer immediately that you listen to the other available options and use the option most appropriate to your needs.   This new Push O measure is something of a trial period to gauge how it works 

The Village of Brewster is recognized for its Police Department. Highly trained and skilled, they set a model for protecting our community. We are proud of our Police Department. Please feel free to visit your Police Department and get to know the brave men and women that protect your community.  The Brewster PD appreciates the support of the Brewster community residents and businesses, and welcome any question or concern you may have.   Please call them at 330-767-3191 to voice any concern.   If you need a Police Officer to respond at your home or business please call Dispatch at 330-830-4272.

The Brewster Police Department

Emergency: Dial 911
Dispatch:       330-830-4272 to reach the On Duty Officer

Office Phone: 330-767-3191

This Safety Force is a 24/7 operation which protects and serves our community. The Police Department is located at 145 W. First Street.   Our Full Time Officers wear several hats as you may note in the following list of the Village Police Department's Officers:

Chief Keith Creter
Captain Nathan Taylor and Lead Detective
Sergeant Denise Rossiter and D.A.R.E. Officer
Patrolman Benny Truman and School Resource Officer
Patrolman Aaron Keener

Officer Al Poindexter
Officer Joe Lorenzo
Officer Steven Hudy
Officer Kyle Vacha
Officer Tim Bowen
Officer Phillip Lewis

Our Police Department consists of Five Full Time Officers and is rounded out by six Part Time Officers.   Each has full State of Ohio Certified Training to provide the proper skills and tools to serve our community.