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Village Electric Utility

New E. Seventh Street Substation
New E. Seventh Street Substation

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The Village Electric Utility is a municipal utility that provides electric power to its residents and businesses. This is accomplished by a four man operation that not only maintains the distribution system, including all poles, transformers, and wire, but that over the years has constructed most of the system that we see today.  This is quite an undertaking and was done under the leadership of Superintendent George Radich.    A  municipal electric system is unique in a sense as the residents and businesses not only are serviced by the electric system, but in a real sense these same residents and businesses are the owners of the electric utility, and because they are the owners in most instances they see a savings in their electric costs in comparison to privately owned electric companies such as First Energy or AEP.

The above is accomplished through a 129 member electric cooperative known as AMP-Partners.   AMP-Partners is part electric broker and part service provider.  As an electric broker they provide each municipal member with power garnered through long and short term contracts negotiated on the nation's electric market.   As a service provider AMP-Ohio has allowed its members to be  owners of a coal fired generation plant on the Ohio River, Gorsuch, a hydro-electric plant in Bellesville on the Ohio River, a back up generation project called OMEGA JV1, a matrix turbine hydro plant on the Ohio River, and several others ranging from Green Power from methane to wind driven generation facilities.           

Currently Brewster's system is based on a 69kV Substation on E. Seventh Street constructed in 2002.    The 69 KV project cost $ 2.5 million and includes the new Substation and  a feeder line connected to the electric grid via a new First Energy Substation in Harmon just off of Elton Street which was completed in 2015.

Supt. Radich initially worked in both the Village Water and Electric Departments and was the Village Water Superintendent until 1993 at which time he took over the reins in Electric.  In that capacity Supt Radich initiated and managed significant growth and modernization of this Electric Utility.  George has received extensive training including completion of the Merchant Lineman Electric Certification Course and is a Certified Lineman Trainer.  George oversees and is assisted daily by department Lineman A  Mike Radich, Lineman A Ryan Swan and Lineman A Ryan Henry.

The Electric Utility:
Superintendent George Radich
Lineman Mike Radich
Lineman RyanSwan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Lineman Ryan Henry 


Utility Office: 330-767-3312
Village Administrator: 330-767-3931
Office Phone: 330-767-0043

AFTER HOUR CALL OUT - Dispatch at 330-489-1607