Village of Brewster, Ohio

Small Town America

Village Water Utility

Location: 300 Fourth Street SW
Phone at 330-767-3710


Superintendent Mike Maybaugh

Water Technician Jim Spivey

Water System Specialist Eugene Pepper (Part Time)

The Village Water Utility provides water for the community's homes and businesses.  The Village's source of water is a combination of five wells that tap into a natural aquifier known as the "Big Indian".   In 2016 this utility provided its 864 customers with 141,026,000 gallons of treated water.   Recently appointed Superintendent Water Mike Maybaugh holds an Ohio Class II Water License and an Ohio Class II Wastewater License, and has 23 years with Brewster mostly in the Wastewater Utility.   Mike is ably assisted by Jim Spivey who holds an Ohio Class I Water License and provides a number of diverse talents.  Currently, recently retired Water Superintendent Eugene Pepper is assisting on a part time basis to provide the new Water Superintendent and new Water Technician with his 31 years of experience and knowledge.

In 2016 former Sewer Superintendent Mike Maybaugh, former Sewer Tech Dan Klein, and Village Tech Jim Spivey began cross-training in the Water Department.   Mike holds a Class II Ohio Water License, Dan Klein has earned a Class I Water License and is working on his Class II, and Jim Spivey has passed the Class I Water License Test and is currently acquiring the work hours in the Water Utility needed for certification of the Class I Water License.  All three are currently working with former Water Supt. Pepper to gain the experience and hands on knowledge necessary to operate the Water Utility.   With the shift of Maybaugh to Water, Dan Klein has been assigned as the Village Sewer Superintendent for which he has a Class III Ohio Wastewater License.