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Beginning with the Utility Bills received in February in 2017, Brewster Utility customers will have noted a small increase on their utility bills for water usage.  This increase is the first increase in water rates since 2012.  Each customer’s water Bill has two components, a Usage Fee and a Capital Charge.   

The Usage Fee is a charge for each 1000 gallons used by the customer.  In February, this usage fee for the first 2000 gallons used went from $ 3.46 per 1000 gallons to $ 3.56 per 1000 gallons a 2.75% increase.   The Usage Fee funds the operations of the Water Utility, the day to day costs.   

A Capital Charge is the second component on your Water Bill.  The Capital Charge provides funds for maintaining and replacing the infrastructure in the Village Water system.  These are such items as water mains in the street that supplies water to your house, water wells and pumping facilities that supplies water to the Village Water Plant, and water filtration systems at the Village Water Plant that provides quality water.  The Capital Charge increased by $ 5.00 per month for each Village customer.   

In February the minimum bill for 1000 gallons and the Capital Charge for each Village water account increased from $ 8.87 per month to $17.22.   (At the bottom of this post are the rates established for 2017) 

You ask why raise water rates ?  Unfortunately, the components of the Village Water system have reached an age that the water mains and the pumping and treatment facilities need to be upgraded or replaced.  Brewster has had an annual water main replacement program dating back to 1993.  Each year nearly 1000 feet of water mains were replaced and looped to provide a better, more reliable system, and 90% of the labor was performed by Village personnel to keep the costs down. 

·  An example: In 2016 1000 feet of a fifty-year old eight-inch water main was replaced through the Underpass, at cost of $45,000, for material and rented equipment.  Labor was performed by Village employees.    

·  A second example would be current and near future upgrades at the Water Treatment Plant.  A current project is the installation of a Back Up Generator at the Water Plant on Fourth Street SW to insure that that facility can pump water during an electric outage, or similar interruption.  The price tag for the placement and installation of a quality used generator is just under $49,000.  

·  A second project underway is the rehab of the North Water Tower.  Periodically, each Water Tower needs to be inspected inside and out, have the interior professionally recoated, and the exterior painted.   The budget for this work is at $ 150,000.  

·  This Summer the Water main on Park Drive will be replaced in-house at a cost of just under $50,000.   

·   A near future project on tap is the maintenance of each of the four filtration vessels at the Water Plant, and the price tag for the materials and labor is estimated at $ 75,000 each, plus the cost of engineering.   

·   The list goes on.  This is maintenance work and system upgrades that cannot be ignored, and unfortunately the Water Rates in place adopted in 2012 were insufficient to cover upcoming costs, thus the rate increase in 2017.   You ask where are the Grants for this work ?  Brewster’s new rates are still significantly too low for a proposed Water Project to be eligible for any Federal or State Grant program.          

Minimum Charge per Account each month = $ 17.22 (was $ 8.87/month)  


Usage Rate, Capital Charge, & Monthly Minimum 

A.            It is required that every customer’s water connection be metered, and that the components of each Village Water customer’s account will be based on that metering.  The consumption component of the monthly Billing for those metered accounts shall be increased by 2.75 % beginning with the customer’s bill on their January 2017 usage and reflected on the customers’ February 2017 Bill, and the rates shall be as follows: 

First 2000 Gallons                            $ 3.56 per 1000 gallons or part thereof

2001 to 30,000 gallons                     $ 2.65 per 1000 gallons or part thereof

Above 30,000 gallons                      $ 1.87 per 1000 gallons or part thereof 

In addition, beginning on the above date, a Capital Charge of $ 13.66 per month for each account shall be levied.

The monthly Minimum for each account including the Capital Charge and the fee for 1000 gallons of usage shall be $ 17.22

The Water Rate Ordinance passed in August of 2016 can be accessed at the link at bottom of this page



                                                                                2017                   2018  

Usage Fee per 1000 gallons of water used      $   2.93               $   3.03 

           A Service Charge per account of           $   4.28               $   4.43    (Funds Sewer Replacement Fund) 

            A Capital Charge per account of.          $ 24.45               $ 24.45    (Funds the Sewer Debt Fund)

Minimum Monthly Charge per account in 2017 = $ 34.69

The Sewer Rate Ordinance passed in May of 2014 can be accessed at the link at bottom of this page  



Adopted by Ordinance 15-2009                  Current rates became effective on August 1, 2013 


Customer Service Charge                = $ 5.35 per month

Energy Charge                                  =  6.2₵ per KWH 

Distribution Charge                          =  3.1₵ per KWH for first 700 KWH used 

                                                                2.7₵ per KWH for next 500 KWH used 

                                                                2.5₵ per KWH for next 1200 KWH used 

Minimum $ 5.35/month 

 This section is under construction at this time.   We ask for your patience as Commercial and Industrial Rates are listed.  The last Village legislation adjusting electric rates was Ordinance 15-2009 which can be accessed at the link at the bottom of the page.

Thank you.