Village of Brewster, Ohio

Small Town America


The Village Fire Department is a volunteer department made up of 26 men and women that provide fire and ambulance services to Brewster and portions of the adjacent Sugar Creek and Tuscarawas Townships.   Early in 2006 the Village VFD undertook a program under which a paid Paramedic is provided seven days a week between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm to the Village and the Township service areas.  This allows the VFD to handle more efficiently the hours when a strictly volunteer operation is deficient of available manpower.  Since its inception the program has been under the care of Paramedic Jen Mohler.   Jen Mohler is the only paid Full Time Paramedic and in that capacity wears several hats that include providing emergency medical services to our community for 40 plus hours a week as a first responder, as well as administrating the paramedic program.   In that endeavor she is ably assisted by paid part time paramedics that work the remaining 44 hours each week.  A good program, run by good people, that saves lives.

In an Emergency call 911 or Fire Dispatch at 330-830-2489

For questions call 330-767-4212



Brewster Paramedic Jen Mohler advises that area residents may want to fill out and place on their fridge, or another handy location, an EMS Patient Information Sheet.   This document provides vital patient information to EMS personnel that respond to a medical emergency.   This sheet will allow the Paramedic to know at a glance such information as the patient’s specific medical history, what medications the patient may be taking, what allergies the patient may have, and to be aware of any specific instructions from the patient’s Doctor.  This document may save your life.  Please download, print, and fill out this information sheet and display or have handy in case of such an emergency.

For questions call 330-767-4212