Ordinances & Resolutions

Notice to Users:


The Village wishes to provide Brewster residents and the general public with access to any legislation that is currently pending, and to any legislation that has been approved by Village Council which then becomes effective and then determines how the Village functions.   This intent is to two-fold.  By presenting the pending legislation here, residents and the general public can review the legislation, and if they so desire can comment on the content of the pending legislation during the time period that is allotted for Council’s consideration of the matter.   Generally, this time period is six weeks over three Council Meetings in which the pending legislation is given three readings.  In the case of the legislation that has been considered and approved by Council the intent is to provide public access to the ordinance or resolution that is in effect and by which the various Village departments operate.  This can be anything from zoning regulations, to local traffic laws, to utility operations, and everything in between.

This endeavor is presented in several ways for your review.  On the left-hand side of this screen is a Sidebar that contains several links. 

·          “BREWSTER CODE OF ORDINANCES” contains the vast majority of legislation that is effective in Brewster. Clicking on this link will take you to a web site hosted by American Legal Publishing, with whom the Village has contracted to compile Village regulations and laws.   The contents of this Brewster Code of Ordinances is updated on January 1st of each year to include any legislation approved by Council in the preceding year. 

·         in the left-hand sidebar click on “PENDING ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS” to review any legislation that is currently before Council.  If you wish to comment on a pending ordinance or resolution, please attend a Council Meeting, or talk with a Council member, or contact the Mayor, or call Village Hall. 

·        In the left-hand sidebar you can review any legislation approved during the current year or for the preceding year.   This is legislation that may not have yet been processed by American Legal Publishing and included in the online “Brewster Code of Ordinances”.