Legislation Approved in 2013

02-2013 Procedures for Opening Platted Streets & Alleys Approved on 01/21/2013; provides procedures
06-2013 Village Employee Wage Ordinance Approved on 02/04/2013 & provided employee w/a 2% raise
07-2013 Neighborhood Watch Officer in PD Approved on 02/18/2013; nonpaying position
16-2013 Authorize An Increase in Village Income Tax of 1/3% To be used for improvements to Street, Storm Sewers, Curbs, Trees, & Sidewlaks
21-2013 Award Contracts for Employees' Health, Dental, & Vision Insurances Approved at a April 26, 2013 Special Council Meeting
22-2013 Award a Contract for Employees' Life Insurance Approved at a April 26, 2013 Special Council Meeting
30-2013 Resolution of Recogntion to Fairless Boys & Girls Track Teams Congratulations for an Outstanding 2013 Track Season
31-2013 Resolution of Recognition to 2013 Fairless Girls' Softball Team Congratulations for an Outstanding 2013 Softball Season
32-2013 - Section 93.40 of Village Code to Restrict Height of Grass to Eight Inches Modify Height Height Restriction from 12 inches to 8 inches
33-2013 - Creation of a Water Replacement Fund 8% of Water Collections to be placed in Fund to address infrastructure needs
34-2013 - Modify the Funding of Council's and Mayor's Salaries Future funding of these salaries to be 25% from General Fund and 75% from Utility Fund; No raises in this legislation
35-2013 - 2014 Alternative Tax Budget Annual legislation required by Stark County approved on August 15, 2013
38-2013 An Agreement with Sugar Creek Township Care & Maintenance of Harmondale & Browndale
39-2013 Resolution to Fund Ambulance Replacement Fund Intended for Purchase of an Ambulance in 2017
41-2013 Authorize an OPWC Grant Application Funding for a Project to widen E. Elton Street Intersection
43-2013 - Authorize Purchase of an Electric Utility Aerial Truck Purchased through the Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program
44-2013 - Renewal of Efficiency Smart Progarm Three Year Contract to Reduce Electric Costs for residents and businesses
45-2013 - Disapproval of a Non-drilling Contract with Ohio Valley Energy This contract concerns proposed Zearley 1D well in a residential area
46-2013 - Resolution of Appreciation to Gene Post of Wadsworth Gene Post is retiring & was instrumental in restoring electric during 2006 Tornado
48-2013 - Appreciation to the Fairless Band For their excellence and dedication