November 20, 2017 - Fire/EMS Financial Committee

NOVEMBER 20, 2017
Councilman Tharp opened the meeting at 6:01 PM. He then invited Mayor Schwab to speak. Mayor Schwab began was discussing the revenues for the fire and EMS funds. He stated we are limited on what we can accomplish based on our revenues. He provided a chart of calls that ran from 2014 through ¾ of 2017. The chart showed that 77% of all calls are ambulance related and the other 23% were considered fire related. It was discussed that there are more ambulance calls but the cost of a fire call is considerably more.
Clerk King provided numbers for expected revenue over the next four years. Real estate taxes is estimated to bring in $109,027, the estimate for ambulance runs is $115,736, the Sugarcreek Township contract is estimated at $54,720 in the Tusk Ross Township contract is estimated at $48,426. This gives a total expected income of $327,909. There is also an estimated $20,139 in miscellaneous income on average. This brings the total income is $348,048. The estimated payroll runs around $204,763 which leaves $157,549 for other operating expenses capital purchases per year. Some of the other operating offenses discussed were dispatching, building utilities, inspections, training, miscellaneous supplies such as gloves, boots, medical supplies. Some of the capital improvements discussed were new vehicles, AirPacks, and turnout gear. The General Fund also supports the Fire Department by funding the cell phones, modems, utilities, land lines, and cable/Internet services.
Chief Colucy discussed the timeline for some of the capital improvements. He also discussed how hard it is to know what’s going to need replaced or fixed over the next four years. He stated can’t create a budget because you don’t know what’s going to break or get destroyed in the fire. The Chief stated the department will be saving some money this coming year by having the new ambulance not having the old one nickeling and diming us to death.
Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM.
Respect fully submitted,
K. Kris King