Village Forms for Download

In anticipation of Village residents using this Web Site to acquire required forms necessary for various projects that may require a Zoning Permit, Individual and Business Income Tax forms, or similar forms, listed to the left are availabe forms.   Some forms are also accompanied by an instruction sheet.

Additional forms will be available as this site is developed.

Shown below is a link to the Village's Income Tax Form which can be printed and completed for submitting to Village Income Tax Administrator Steve Hartman.  Submittal is required by the 30th of April  each year.    If you have any questions concerning the completion of this form please contact the VA at 330-767-4214. The current Brewster Income Tax is at 2.0 %.

Also, shown below are two documents pertaining to making application for a Zoning Permit. The first are the instructions for completing the permit application and the second as labeled is the permit application.   We would suggest that any applicant print both documents.   If you have any questions please contact Village Administrator Mike Miller at 330-767-3931 .

Zoning applicants may note that the Village adopted a measure in 2000 that allows Village residents and businesses to take advantage of the Community Reinvestment Area program as provided by the State legislature.  Applicants may want to check with the Village Administrator to see if the proposed project is eligible for this tax abatement program.   As the Village's Housing Officer the VA can also advise the applicant of the specific processes involved in the CRA.