Incorporated in 1910, Brewster is a community of 2,324 people.

The Village government has two branches - legislative and administrative. The legislative branch is comprised of the President of Council and six Council members. The Mayor serves as the head of the administrative branch with the following administrative officer: Village Administrator.  The Mayor, along with the administrative staff and the various boards and commissions, carry out policies and laws as set forth in the Ohio Revised Code and the Village of Brewster Ordinances.  The six members of Village Council are the legislative branch and enact laws and regulations.

Brewster Hall is located at 302 S. Wabash Avenue.  Village Hall houses the Offices of the Mayor, the Village Clerk-Treasurer, the Village Administrator, Council Chambers, the Utility Office, and is adjacent to the Fire Station. The Village Office hours are as follows:
Utility Office:
7 am - 3:30 pm

Village Administrator: 7 am – 3:30 pm


The Mayor is elected for four-year terms. Mayoral duties, as set forth by The Ohio Revised Code, are to exercise supervision and control of all departments and divisions of the Village and to see that all laws, ordinances and resolutions are faithfully obeyed and enforced. The President Pro Tem of Council is designated by the Ohio Revised Code to be Acting Mayor during such a period when the Mayor is absent from the Village or otherwise to be temporarily unable to perform the duties. Mike Schwab is currently Brewster's Mayor. The Mayor can be contacted at 330-767-4214 or at BXMayor@brewsterohio.com



The legislative powers of the Village are vested in Village Council. Village Council consists of six members, each elected for staggered four-year terms.  Council’s responsibility lies in providing laws and regulations by which the Village is governed. Council is also responsible for control of all finances and property of the municipality.  Village Council meets the first and third Mondays of each month.  Their meetings are held in Council Chambers at Brewster Village Hall at 302 S. Wabash Avenue and are open to the public. Current members of Council are Dale Fox, Dave Godwin, Thomas Hilliard, Chuch Hawk, Paul Mackey, and Steve Tharp, Jr.



The Village Clerk-Treasurer is an elected position and shall attend all Council Meetings, keep a record of its proceedings, all laws, bylaws, resolutions, and ordinances adopted by Council. The Clerk-Treasurer also keeps the books of the municipality, exhibit all moneys received and expended, of all the property owned by the Village and the income derived from, and of all taxes and assessments. Kris King is the present Village Clerk-Treasurer.  The Clerk-Treasurer may be reached at 330-767-4214 or BXClerkTreasurer@brewsterohio.com



The Village Administrator manages the Village utility and street departments as well as serve as the Village Zoning Inspector and Income Tax Commissioner. Mike Miller currently fulfills these duties. He can be reached at Village Hall at 330-767-3931 from 7 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday or at BXAdmin@brewsterohio.com.



 The duty of the Village Solicitor is to serve as legal counsel to the administrative and legislative branches of the Village. Attorney John Anthony is the Village Solicitor.



The Village Prosecutor is the Village’s attorney and representative in local court cases, & prosecutes misdemeanor and felony cases in Massillon Municipal Court. Attorney Ian Crawford represents the Village as the Village Prosecutor.



Village services such as utility, zoning, police, fire, and so forth are listed throughout this listing. Please refer to that specific office or service.




Open burning within the Village is prohibited except for cooking food for human consumption or for heating tar, welding, acetylene torches, highway safety flares, heating for warmth for outdoor workers, smudge pots, and similar occupational uses; provided, however, that the fire shall not be used to burn garbage, construction/building debris, landscape waste, or any other material and shall be of minimum size sufficient for the intended use.




The nearest airport to serve the Brewster area is Akron-CantonAirport at 330-499-4221 or www.akroncantonairport.com.



Calls to the emergency number (9-1-1) are answered by the REDCenter which dispatches the Village Fire Department emergency squad. Those serving on the emergency squad are volunteer firefighters and members of the Village Fire Department.   They participate in training on an on-going basis. Between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm, Monday through Sunday, a paid Paramedic is dispatched from the Village Fire Department to emergency calls within the Village and contracted portions of Sugar Creek and Tuscarawas Townships




Calls concerning animals can be directed to the police department as a routine (330-767-3191) matter. The Village has an ordinance prohibiting animals running at large and prohibiting the housing of certain animals within the Village limits. Information on this may be obtained from the Police Department (330-767-3191).




The Village’s fiscal year begins January 1. Village Council adopts Appropriations (the Village's authorization to spend money) in ordinance format. The appropriations are based on the budget which is adopted by Council in June of each year. According to state law, no expenditure may exceed the amount appropriated, although Council may amend the appropriations from time to time as necessary.

See also: Budget.


See also: Budget.




Bicycles must obey all traffic regulations. Bicycles should be registered with the Police Department to help in recovery if they are lost or stolen.




Birth and death records are recorded at the Stark County Health Department, 3951 Convenience Circle NW Canton, OH 44718, and copies are available from them. The telephone number is 330-493-9904 or 800-589-3370.




The Board of Zoning Appeals hears appeals made by any person as to any decision of the Village Zoning Inspector made in the enforcement of the zoning ordinance. The Board is composed of five voting members who are appointed by the Mayor for three-year terms.   Individuals seeking zoning variances may make application at Village Hall to the Village Administrator.  Call 330-767-3931 for additional information.




The Village Clerk-Treasurer, along with Village Administration, prepares a budget plan which is approved by Council in June of each year. Appropriations are adopted effective January 1 based on this budget plan. Copies of the Budget and Appropriations can be obtained at Village Hall from the Village Clerk-Treasurer.

See also: Appropriations.




The Village of Brewster adopted, by ordinance, the Stark County Building Code. Any construction done in Brewster requires a building permit issued by the Stark County Building Department, 1727 Mahoning Road NE, Canton, OH44705, telephone number (330) 451-2370. However, before obtaining a building permit, the individual must have a zoning permit from the Village of Brewster.

See also: Zoning




Massillon Cable TV, Inc.currently provides cable TV services within the Village corporation limits. To sign up for service or to report disruptions of service Massillon Cable TV can be reached at 330-833-4134




There are no cemeteries within the Village’s corporation limits. The nearest cemetery is WeltyCemetery on Manchester Road (State Route 93) south of town.



Brewster is served by the Massillon Municipal Court at I James Duncan Plaza in Massillon, Ohio, and the Massillon Clerk of Courts can be reached at:
                 Civil Division: 330-830-1731
                 Criminal Division: 330-830-2591
                 Jury Information: 330-830-1733
                 Traffic Division: 330-830-1729
Massillon Muni Court can be reached at 330-830-1730




Brewster is served by the Massillon Municipal Court at I James Duncan Plaza in Massillon, Ohio, and the Massillon Municipal Court can be reached at 330-830-1730.

Other courts (such as Common Pleas, Juvenile, and Probate) are located in the Stark County Court House at 110 Central Plaza in Canton, Ohio.  
Common Pleas Court: 330-451-7931
               Family Court: 330-451-7415
               Probate: 330-451-7724




All dogs must be licensed by the Stark County Auditor. Dog licenses can be purchased at the following locations: Stark County Auditor's Office at 110 Central Plaza S, Suite 170, Stark County Office Building, Canton, Ohio 44702 (330-451-7354) and locally at the R & R Junction General Store and Hardware. The Village has an animal control ordinance which prohibits dogs and cats from running at large. There is also an ordinance covering the nuisance of barking dogs.  The Animal Warden and/or Police Department handle complaints regarding dogs. Telephone number for the Police Department (business) is (330) 767-3191.



The Village of Brewster has operated its own electric system for over 50 years. The Village is a member of a 118 member municipal electric coop called AMP Partners and through long and short term contracts and partial ownership of a coal fired generation plant, a hydro electric plant, and several green power electric generation facilities Brewster  is able to provide its citizens and businesses with cost effective electric power.



At any time that it would be necessary for the Village to convey an emergency announcement to the citizens, it would be broadcast by the WHBC 1480 AM/94.1 FM radio station. Some examples would be the snow parking ban or a public utility problem.


Brewster Fire Department members are a volunteer safety force. They are a very professional group of well-trained and equipped firefighters. The department is supported by Village funds which are appropriated by Council. The business number for the Fire Department is (330) 767-4212 and the emergency number is 9-1-1.


Stark County Health Department provides health services to the citizens of Brewster. The Health Department is located at 3951 Convenience Circle NW in Canto. Services regarding patient care, vital statistics, W.I.C. and food protection can be reached by calling (330) 493-9904.


BrewsterSugarcreekTownshipHistoricalMuseum is located at 45 S. Wabash Avenue.    Their telephone number is (330) 767-0045.


Village Hall offices will be closed on the following holidays: New Year's Day,  Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Holidays which fall on Sunday are observed on the following Monday. Holidays which fall on Saturday are observed on the preceding Friday or the following Monday, at the option of the Village.


Brewster has a 1.50 %
Village Income Tax, which provides the community with operating funds and capital improvement funds.   The Village Income Tax office is administered by the Village Income Tax Administrator Steve Hartman who can be contacted at Village Hall at 330-767-4214.




Massillon Cable TV (MCTV) and FrontierInternet.com currently provides Internet connections and services within the Brewster corporation limits.   MCTV can be contacted at 330-833-4134 or www.MCTVOhio.com and FrontierInternet may be contacted at 1-855-668-5959 or Website: http://www.frontierinternet.com/frontier-fios/.    Another source available may be through Allconnect at: https://www.allconnect.com/internet/in-my-area




An additional source of Internet Providers can be accessed at the following link:   http://www.internetproviders.com/


The Stark County Department of Human Services, located at, telephone number (330) 452-4661, administers a number of programs for the needy


See Village Solicitor


The Brewster Branch of the Massillon Public Library is located in the Fairless Elementary School located at 12000 Navarre Rd. SW. The Library provides a full range of services to the community, and more information may be obtained by calling them at (330) 767-9939.


Zoning Permits

The Village Administrator is also the Zoning Inspector and issues Zoning Permits.   His Office is in Village Hall at 302 S. Wabash Avenue, and he can be reached at 330-767-3931 or at BXAdmin@brewsterohio.com    Permit applications can be printed from the Brewster Web Site under Forms

See also: Zoning

Building Permits

A Building Permit is required for any construction. The building permits are issued by the Stark County Building Department, 1727 Mahoning Road NE, Canton, Ohio44705 at  telephone number (330)451-2370. Before a building permit will be issued, you must first obtain a zoning certificate from the Village Administrator at Village Hall.

House Moving Permits

Permits are required for moving buildings and can be obtained at the Village Administrator’s Office in Village Hall at 302 S. Wabash Avenue, and he can be reached at 330-767-3931 or at BXAdmin@brewsterohio.com

Drivers License and License Plates

Driver's Licenses and Vehicle License Plates are issued by the local motor vehicle registrar whose office is
in the Massillon AAA building at
1972 Wales Avenue in Massillon, Ohio.

Marriage License

Marriage licenses can be obtained from the Probate Court, located in the StarkCountyOfficeBuilding at 110 Central Plaza in Canton, Ohio. Before making the trip to Canton for the license, we suggest that you call them to be sure that you know what records you will need to take with you. The telephone number is (330) 451-7759.


A street map of Brewster is available at Village Hall at 302 S. Wabash Avenue, Brewster, Ohio44613. Zoning district maps and regulations are also available from the Village Administrator for a nominal fee.


The Brewster Village Council meets the first and third Mondays of each month at 7pm. In Council Chambers at 302 S. Wabash Avenue. The meetings are open to the public and citizens are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings.

The Planning Commissionmeets the third Thursday of each month if there is any business for the Commission to conduct.   Contact can be made with the Planning Commission through the Village Administrator, telephone number (330) 767-3931.

The Board of Zoning Appealsmeets the third Thursday of each month. However, no meetings are held if there are no requests for variances of the zoning ordinance. You can contact the Board by calling or visiting the Village Administrator at Village Hall. The telephone number is (330) 767-3931.



Mental Health Services can be provided by the Stark County Mental Health Board at (330) 455-6644.


Motorized bicycles (mopeds) are governed by the laws of the State of Ohio and the Village of Brewster. Moped drivers must obtain an operator's license and follow safety regulations as prescribed by law. The mopeds must have a license plate.


The Village has an ordinance prohibiting the parking of inoperative or unlicensed vehicles on private property for more than 15 days. If you wish to complain about a vehicle which is parked on private property which is unlicensed and/or inoperable you can contact the Brewster Police Department, 145 W. First Street, telephone number (330) 767-3191.

Motor vehicle titles are available at the Title Office at the Massillon AAA at 1972 Wales Road in Massillon and at  telephone number (330) 833-1009.

Motor vehicle license plates can be obtained from the Deputy Registrar whose office is located at the Massillon AAA at 1972 Wales Road in Massillon at telephone number (330) 833-1084.


The Local Court system is the Massillon Municipal Court  situated at 1 James Duncan Plaza in Massillon
and at 330-830-1730


The Village of Brewster operates electric, water, and wastewater utilities. Also see the specific utility



The daily papers available in StarkCounty are the Independent in Massillon (330-833-7554), the Repository in Canton (330-580-8300), and the Akron Beacon Journal (330-996-3000). A local paper, the Far Corner, is published weekly and is free at various locations around the Brewster area



The Brewster Police Department issues parking tickets to persons who violate the ordinances regarding parking. These parking ordinances range from the 48 hour parking limit on most Village streets to those regulations specific to an area or violation. These tickets are payable at the Brewster Police Department, 145 W. First Street


The Village operates several beautiful parks for the enjoyment of the citizens of Brewster.  The Village provides funds for the operation of these parks, and has an on-going program to provide new recreation equipment and maintain the existing equipment.

Bimeler Park located between W. First and W. Second with entrances from those streets as well as from McKinley, Washington, and Lincoln Avenues. This 20+ acre park contains picnic facilities, two pavilions, several baseball and softball fields, a tennis court, a skatepark, basketball court and is used for soccer as well. The park is named for the Bimeler Family which donated this land for a Park.

SaboPark is located off of W. Main Street between that street and W. Fourth Street. This is small park set up for Disc Golf and saw major damage during the June 22, 2006 Tornado.

Park is located at the intersection of E. Main Street and Cleveland Avenue. This is the Village’s newest Park created to honor former Village Mayor Ellis Witting. This is a small park with landscaping and seating for those passing by. The land for this Park was donated to the Village by the Bruno Musacchia Family. 

The Village also has an agreement with the Fairless Board of Education for the use of the “Old” Brewster High School Football Field on Washington Avenue at W. Fourth Street. This field has two baseball /softball fields.

The parks are maintained by the Village Street Department and your questions should be directed to Village Hall at 330-767-4214.




Passports can be obtained at the Stark County Clerk’s Office in StarkCountyOfficeBuilding at 110 Central Plaza S, Suite 690 in Canton.   Information is available at 330-451-7791 and www.starkclerk.org




The Brewster Planning Commission consists of five members as follows: the Mayor, a member of Village Council, and three citizens appointed by the Mayor. Each appointed member serves a six-year term. The Planning Commission is responsible for the overall development of the City and makes decisions in that regard. They can be contacted through the Village Administrator at Village Hall, 302 S. Wabash Avenue, telephone number (330) 767-3931.




The Village maintains a fully-equipped and trained Police Department under the direction of the Mayor and the Police Chief Harry Porter. The Chief of Police is the top ranking officer of the department. The department consists of five full time officers and five part time Officers.

The police department provides a variety of community relations/public service activities and can be reached by calling (business) (330)767-3180 or (emergency) 9-1-1 or 330-767-3191


Property taxes are collected by the Stark County Auditor whose office is located in the StarkCountyOfficeBuilding, 110 CentralPlaza, Suite 220, Canton. The telephone number is (330) 451-7357 and www.auditor.co.stark.oh.us.


The Stark County Prosecuting Attorney is located in the Stark County Office Building 110 Central Plaza, Suite 510, Canton. The telephone number is (330) 451-7897.

The Village Prosecutor's office is located in the Massillon  Municipal Court


Electric, Water, Wastewater

The Village’s utilities consists of  Electric, Water, and Wastewater. The administration of these utility  operations are the responsibility of the Village Administrator who is appointed by the Mayor and Village Council.  Village Council has control of the spending by way of appropriations. The Brewster Municipal Utilities main office is located in Village Hall at 310 S. Wabash Avenue and the telephone number is (330) 767-3312.  If you need to sign up for utilities, you need to contact the Utility Clerk at the Utility Office which is open Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 3:30pm, excluding Village holidays. 

Cable Television

Massillon Cable TV operates the cable television system in Brewster. The Council of the Village grants, by ordinance, a franchise to operate in Brewster. Their office is located at 814 Cable Court in Massillon and their telephone is 330-833-4134.

Natural Gas

The Columbia Gas of Ohio provides natural gas to Brewster. Their business office can be reached by calling toll free 800-344-4077.


Frontier Telephone serves Brewster. They do not have a business office located in the Village, but can be reached by calling toll-free 800-483-4000 and at http://www.frontierinternet.com/


The Village provides a recycling program in two methods.  The first is a Yard Waste drop off site in the BimelerPark parking lot adjacent to the PoliceBuilding on W. Main Street.  This service is sponsored by the Stark-Tusc-Wayne Solid Waste District.  The second is through Boy Scout Troop 920 which oversees a drop off site within the Street Garage’s fenced area behind the PoliceBuilding.  Dumpsters are available at the site for newspapers, cardboard, plastics, aluminum, and glass.   This site is open from 7 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday and from 10 am to 1 pm on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.



Brewster is served by the Fairless Schools which are operated by the Fairless Board of Education.   The Board of Education consists of five members who are elected by voters residing in the school district which includes the Villages of Beach City, Brewster, Navarre, and Wilmot and Sugarcreek and BethlehemTownships.   Fairless Schools are comprised of a High School, a Middle School, and a Grade School all located in Brewster at 11885 Navarre Road SW.   The  new Middle School and the new Grade School opened in September of 2007


The Administrative offices are located at 11885 Navarre Road SW in Brewster, and can be reached by calling (330) 767-3577 and at www.falcon.stark.k12.oh.us




A three inch snow fall signals a snow emergency in the Village and all streets shall be clear of parked cars to allow free passage of Village snow plows to clear the streets for everyone’s use.    A parked car will impede the plows and eventually cause an unsafe condition as the unplowed snow accumulates around the unattended car.  Vehicles not moved from these streets may be towed at the owner's expense


The Village recognizes the importance of  street trees to the community. The Village maintains its street trees through .33 % Street Income Tax funding provided by the voters.   In the Fall of 2006 ninety-nine new trees were planted and throughout the year Council operated a pruning and removal program to maintain the Village’s public trees.    Brewster has been named a "Tree CityUSA" since 1990.


Periodically the Village Administrator reviews the sidewalks that line our neighborhood streets and the Downtown area.  Under State statute the abutting property owners have a responsibility to maintain sidewalks that provide safe passage to pedestrians that may use them, and with that in mind the VA looks for sidewalks that may present a hazard.  A hazard may be sidewalk slabs that are out of alignment or have surface deterioration, either of which condition may lead to slips or falls.   If such a hazardous condition is noted the property owner will be asked to make needed repairs within a  specified timeframe.  If the repair is not made by the property owner, the Village will contract the repair and bill the property owner.

In addition sidewalks should be unobstructed and available for use by the general public.


The owner or occupant of any building or property is responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks in front of that building after a snowfall.

The Village Street Department handles the plowing of snow from the streets and alleys as well as the clearing of snow from in front of Village owned buildings and properties. Any calls, complaints, or requests regarding snow removal can be directed to the Village Administrator at 330-767-3931.




The maintenance/construction of streets, alleys, storm sewers and sidewalks falls under the supervision of the Village Administrator and Council.  Brewster is very fortunate that their citizenry has approved an additional .33 % Income Tax every five years since 1986 for funds dedicated solely for the improvement and maintenance of Village streets, alleys, and street trees .  Each year a street improvement project provides and upgrade to various Village roadways.


Periodically, sidewalks within the Village are reviewed and for any sidewalk slab that may be in need of repair the abutting property owner is contacted.  If the property owner decides not to make the repair the Village does and assesses the property owner.  Under the Ohio Revised Code and Village guidelines it is the property owner's responsibility to keep their sidewalk in good repair.


The Village crews keep the road and storm sewers in repair, and free of ice and snow during winter weather. If you have any questions about a street, alley, storm sewer or sidewalk, you may contact the Village Administrator at Village Hall, telephone number (330) 767-3931.



TAXES: See:  Income Tax, Property Taxes

TITLE OFFICE: See: Clerk of Courts


The payment and handling of traffic violation tickets issued in Brewster is handled by the Massillon Municipal Court, located in Massillon City Hall, at 1 James Duncan Plaza. The telephone number is 330-830-1732

TREES: See: Street Trees

UTILITIES: See: Public Utilities



The Stark County Board of Elections is responsible for registering voters. People can register at their office which is located in 201 3rd Street NE, Canton, OH44702. Their telephone number is 330-451-8683. Registration applications are also available at the Brewster Utility Office at 602 S. Wabash Avenue in Brewster Village Hall.

There are two polling places in Brewster, one in the Brewster Fire Station adjacent to Village Hall, and the second in the BrewsterGraceUnitedMethodistChurch on Superior Street.


The Wastewater Department is responsible for the treatment of sewage from Village residences, businesses and industries. The plant is located at on 725 S. Wabash Avenue. Inquiries can be directed to the Village Administrator at 330-767-3931, the Utility Office at 330-767-3312, or Wastewater personnel at 330-767-3114.

See also Public Utilities


The Water Department is responsible for the treatment of well water for Village residences, businesses and industries. The plant is located at on 300 W. Fourth Street.     Inquiries can be directed to the Village Administrator at 330-767-3931, the Utility Office at 330-767-3312, or Water personnel at 330-767-3710.

See also Public Utilities


The Village of Brewster has a Zoning Ordinance which governs land use within the Village corporation Limits. The Village Administrator has the authority to make decisions regarding the enforcement of the zoning ordinance, and issues zoning permits for signs, construction or change in use.

For any information regarding zoning, contact Village Hall at 302 S. Wabash Avenue, telephone 330-767-3931.

See also Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission