Village Income Tax

Village Income Tax Payments

Beginning on January 1, 2020 the Village of Brewster has a two percent (2.0%) income tax that is levied on the gross pay of anyone working in Brewster.  If you reside in Brewster and work outside of Brewster, the Village grants a 100% credit for the income tax that is paid to any municipality in which you are employed, up to the amount owed to Brewster. 

The Village Income Tax Administrator is Steve Hartman.   He can address your questions or concerns, and provide assistance in the completion of your Brewster Municipal Income Tax form.   Please call him at 330-767-4214 or on his cell at 330-466-5254.    He can also be reached at email  

Click on the link below to access an electronic copy of the Village's Individual Income Tax Form.   Also available are copies of Brewster's Employer Income Tax Form.  Please call 330-767-4214 to receive a copy of the Employer Income Tax Form or click on the Link below.

The deadline to submit the Individual Income Tax Form is on April 15th, 2022.   A penalty of  2% interest per month on the total owed is levied for failure to pay by the deadline with a $25 min charged.