The Village of Brewster is a rural community in a suburban area blessed with the best of worlds.   Our area is surrounded by farms and decidedly rural areas, but fifteen minutes away in any direction are shopping malls, a large airport, entertainment, golf courses, restaurants, and if you are interested in touching on a simpler way of life, Amish areas.  

The WANDLE House           Station Restaurant

The WANDLE House is a former Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway dormitory building that now houses many items of railroad and area historical memorabilia in a museum setting.  The Station Restaurant is inside of the WANDLE House and provides the atmosphere of olde time railroaders, and good food for breakfast and lunch.   Check out their soups and pies.

Our newest destinations that may pique your interest are the R & R Junction General Store & Hardware and the Tattered & Worn, and the very newest, Just Ice Cream.    Yum Yum

R & R Junction General Store & Hardware

The R & R Junction offers bulk food bargains and food stuffs from Walnut Creek and other easily recognized Amish vendors, as well as a smattering of hardware goods.  Their Deli is worth the visit.

Tattered & Worn

Located in downtown Brewster, Tattered & Worn restyles and restores well loved items from the past into beautiful furniture, jewelry and accessories pieces for your home and garden. Old pieces of furniture are turned into new treasures, mixing the antique with modern! They do their our own designs as well as custom orders. Tattered & Worn is also the territorial retailer for Shabby Paints. Visit their website and Facebook page for information on Shabby Paints Workshops held year-round, or just stop in. The next time you pass through Brewster on your way to Amish Country, be sure to stop at Tattered & Worn, located in downtown Brewster across from Huntington Bank.

Just Ice Cream and a bit more - ice cream parlor 

JUST ICE CREAM and a bit more

Just Ice Cream and a bit more serves delicious hand-dipped, creamy soft-serve, monstrous malts, boomin’ banana splits, rockin’ root beer floats, specialty sundaes, shakin’ milkshakes, scrumptious smoothies, and incredible ice cream sandwiches.  The ice cream parlor offers gluten-free and non-dairy flavors; cookies & cream and vanilla. All of their products are GMO free, since the dairies they are using only carry ice cream made with rich cream from rbGH-free cows. Low fat and sugar-free ice cream are also available with rotating flavors. More than 99 flavor options can be combined with the 48 soft-serve ice cream flavors, and 48 hand-dipped flavors are rotated weekly. The soft serve combos are limitless to an ice cream lover’s imagination! Located in downtown Brewster, next to Tattered & Worn. Don’t drive through Brewster without stopping by for a spoondelicious treat!


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