Below listed are upcoming projects in Brewster that require Public Notice:


Sweetwater Pump Station Project in Wastewater Utility:

Brewster – Kings Highway Pump Station Relocation / Sweetwater Pump Station
Request for Public Comment November 12, 2013

The Village of Brewster plans to Project includes abandoning obsolete remote Kings Highway pump station, installation of new 30” gravity sewer line from abandon pump station site to new pump station (Sweetwater LS) site which will be located at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) site.  In addition, the existing Dike PS which is located near the WWTP will be abandoned and connected by 8” gravity sewer to the new 30” gravity sewer, effectively eliminating one pump station. The new Sweetwater pump station will be a dry well/wet well arrangement which includes fine (1/4”) influent screening and compactor, backup generator, SCADA controls and monitoring.  Brewster has requested $5,500,000 zero percent (0%) loan from the Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) for this project that will cover all prior planning and design loans cost in addition to the construction loan for the project including all construction engineering services.

Ohio EPA will administer loan preparation.  Construction will be by contractors selected by competitive bidding.   Construction will begin February 2014 and be completed July 2015.

Sewer rates will not change as a direct result of this project.  Brewster qualifies for the o% “Hardship” interest rate for a 20-year loan.

Please contact Steve Hartman, Village Administrator at 302 South Wabash Avenue, Brewster, Ohio 44613, (330) 767-4214 if you want more information or care to comment on this project by December 12, 2013..

Environmental Assessment: The Ohio EPA will make available for public review an Environmental Assessment of this project.  The public will have a 30-day period in which to review the environmental assessment and provide comments to Ohio EPA as described in the document.  Upon its release, the document may be viewed at, Ohio EPA’s website at (scroll down to “Documents”) and at the Village of Brewster 302 South Wabash Avenue, Brewster, Ohio 44613.  If you would like to receive either an electronic copy via e-mail or a paper copy of the document via U.S. mail upon its release, please contact Dan Halterman of Ohio EPA at either:  or (614) 644-3658.