March 1, 2021 - Parks, Grounds, and Buildings Meeting

Council of the Whole
Parks, Grounds, and Buildings Committee
March 1, 2021
6:15 P.M.
Chuck Hawk, Mayor
Dale Fox, Council Member                           Tom Hilliard, Council Member
Andrew Hess, Council Member                  Brett Long, Council Member                      
Sydney Radich, Council Member               Mike Schwab, Council Member                 
Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer                             Michael Miller, Village Administrator      
Chairman Brett Long reviewed the following:
List of projects for the Parks Capital Plan for 2021, in a particular order:
  • Restore Field #1. Reaching out to the person that has been working on Field #3 and does work for Schools to get a price.
  • Handicapped ramp at 2nd Street and alley behind the Moose. Area is torn up due to storm sewer, so now would be a good time to add a handicapped ramp. With drop-off, to get 5% slope it would have to be 3 ramp “switchback”.
Initial Price is $13,280. VA Miller will be getting additional prices.
  • Sand Volleyball Court. Consensus is to abandon it. Will remove sand and supports, replace with topsoil and grass, and review options to repurpose area with alternative uses such as a bocci court and/or tables with chess/checker tops. No price. Potentially apply for a NatureWorks Grant to redo the area, leveraging Village money to get more for our investment.
  1. VA Miller is going to take the sand and poles out and the committee is going to make a decision later as to what they want done with the area.
  • Create handicapped parking spot for Bimiler Park in 1st Street Parking area. Low cost. We would just need to paint a spot and maybe concrete one of the current entrances. Thinking far east end.
Cost estimate less than $500.
  1. Council Member Fox suggested a sidewalk in the alley.  VA Miller stated he thought of that but the alley is pretty narrow as it is and there are poles on the east side.
  • Gazebo replacement on Boulevard. Old gazebo has multiple issues - handrails one of them. Replacement and make it ground level so handrails are eliminated and full access. Also, open access to east and west as well as current north and south. Reduces chances it is used for shelter. Deal with old fountain first.  The structure would be made out of polywood.
  1. Council Member Schwab discussed the concrete fountain and that it will have to be removed in order for the new gazebo to be ground level.
  2. There was also discussion on adding benches on the boulevard behind the memorial.  The legion would have to be contacted before this suggestion is completed.
Cost estimate $5,000 up to $7,500.
  • A holdover is the painting of the skateboard equipment – we have an open
purchase order (money encumbered) - just waiting for the weather to break. Money encumbered.
  • Two (2) 3’ x 3’ pads in Sabo for trash cans. Low-cost items.  It was suggested that our guys complete this project.
  • 3’ x 3’ pads for trash cans at Field #5 and Field #6. Low-cost items.  It was suggested that our guys complete this project.
  • Possibly with paving project. Sidewalk extension from 2nd Street on McKinley to planter/sidewalk entrance. It would better connect the park to the neighborhood to the south – one of the stated goals of Brewster’s Comprehensive Plan.
Cost estimate up to $5,000.
  • Bleacher pads at Field #5 and Field #6. Get costs.
Research further
  • Concession Stand into restroom/storage? I will get costs depending on what is the future use – Bathrooms, storage, etc. NatureWorks Project?
  1. Council Member Hilliard would like to see it beautified and put in public restrooms.  VA Miller stated there are now cameras that will monitor the area. 
  2. Council Member Long stated that he knows of no plans from the baseball or soccer organizations to use the building.
Council Discussions:
  • Council Member Fox asked if paving the parkng lot was ever explored.  VA Miller stated that we are currently using street grindings to keep the mud down.  The yard waste area is going to get extended.  Council Member Fox asked VA Miller if he could get some estimates.
  • Council Member Hilliard asked if Sabo Park needed any attention.  VA Miller stated it is in the good shape.
  • Council Member Schwab wished to commend Chris Osborne of the Street Department for keeping Bimeler Park cleaned up.  He stated he seen him out there in the cold weather working.  VA Miller stated he is a good hustler and works in the cold weather.
2022 or later
  • Repair and resurfacing basketball & tennis courts.
Price quoted at $18,337.
Current Balance = $73,957.86.
Meeting adjourned at 6:44 pm
Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer