September 20, 2021 - Finance Committee Meeting

September 20, 2021
6:30 p.m.
Charles Hawk, Mayor                                                   Village Administrator, Mike Miller
Dale Fox, Council Member                                          Sydney Radich, Council Member
Brett Long, Council Member                                       Mike Schwab, Council Member
Dave Godwin and Ray Heitger
Meeting called to order by COUNCIL MEMBER MIKE SCHWAB
COUNCIL MEMBER SCHWAB reviewed the FIRE and EMS Financial Information spreadsheet with the COUNCIL.  The two current Village EMS ambulances are a 2009 Ford E450 and a 2017 Ford.  In past years, COUNCILS have attempted to set aside funds each year dedicated to the purchase of the next ambulance.  Generally, those attempts have fallen short.  The Village Clerk, KRIS KING, has advised us that the Fire Operations Fund as well as the Fire Income Tax Fund are both exceeding her expectations for 2021.  Village Clerk, Kris, suggests that $75,000 of the revenue, yet to be received in the second half of 2021, be used to help fund the Ambulance Replacement Fund.  For this to happen, COUNCIL MEMBER SCHWAB stated legislation will be required. 
COUNCIL MEMBER HILLARD asked FIRE CHIEF COLUCY, about the suggestion of remounts verses chassis. Discussion followed on the pros and cons of making that decision.  FIRE CHIEF COLUCY’s goal is to purchase a new ambulance every 20 years verses 14 years, he is not sure that is possible
COUNCIL MEMBER HILLARD asked if there are COVID funds that could be used for the ambulance purchase.  VILLAGE ADMINISTRATOR MILLER stated that is not possible right now.  MILLER did state that the grant money that was used to replace Turn Out Gear and Air Packs, could be moved to that account,  BUT the VILLAGE CLERK, KRIS will need to clarify that the grant money hasn’t been delegated to staffing.  Of course, the money can’t be spent twice.   
Meeting Adjourned at 6:54 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, 
Nancy Bucher, Assistant Utility Clerk