May 17, 2021 - Public Utilities Committee


Public Utilities Committee Meeting

May 17, 2021

6:15 p.m.





Tom Hilliard, Council Member                Sydney Radich, Council Member                 

Andrew Hess, Council Member               Dale Fox, Council Member                  

Mike Schwab, Council Member               Brett Long, Council Member                        

Michael Miller, Village Administrator



Chuck Hawk, Mayor

Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer                            


VA Miller reported that the OEPA has given the Village a citation for not having a backflow that meets their standards.  VA stated that we need to provide more details especially with the commercial backflow devices.  OEPA requests that every 5 years a person needs to physically watch devices work (pool water/main water) to ensure that they are working correctly.  VA used TMMC and Fairless as examples of how a backflow device fails to work properly, causing expensive issues.  School had to cancel when their backflow device failed.  If the device had been checked regularly, this could have been avoided.  North Canton, Royalton, and several others contract with BSI for this purpose.  The annual fee is $495.00 for the Village and $14.95 for each resident (if they want it).  OEPA requires that every 5 years “physical” inspections be done, which BSI would do. Only the main backflow device going into businesses will need inspected.  BSI creates a database (public water supply only) that is available to the Village and EPA.  BSI would be responsible for all inspections, allowing our employees to remain on their daily jobs.  The VA stated that 9 out of 10 inspections of other areas have also received this same citation. 


Tapping Fees

  •          Presently, there is a $1500 fee for water tap, which doesn’t cover the cost of labor.  The fee for sewer tap is $750, which does cover labor.  We currently take the deposit and then hire a contractor to do the work.  Because we hire the contractor and receive that bill, the homeowner is unaware that the fees might not cover the entire expense. If the homeowner hires the contractor, they are billed promptly and are aware of all costs. 
  •          Four homes (A-B-C-D) were recently built in Brewster.  Home A received a refund of $1100, because their expense was minimal.  Home B has a balance of $1127.25, owed to the Village.  Home C has a balance of $2,935.75 owed to the Village.  Home D had made the decision to contract the work out on their own.  Home D was able to roll that expense into their home loan.  Home B & C have not yet been given the final bill owed.  
  •          Hilliard how will a payback work.  VA suggests that we draft a letter to send to homeowners B & C regarding the balances and the option to pay back over 20 years with 0% interest or attach to real estate taxes (prevents the loss of money if home is sold).  Long suggested 10 years, let owner setup payment for 10 years, 0% interest.  If needed, Solicitor Anthony do the paperwork to apply a lien to taxes if that is what resident wants to do.
  •          Moving forward—VA suggests lower or same fees BUT have the homeowner hire the contractor with our employees doing the actual taps.  There is a possibility of four more new homes to be built in the near future. 
  •          Fairless –discussed waiving tapping fees for the high school.  Fairless will be hiring their own contractors.  Our employees do the actual taps. 


In closing, VA will email information of the final suggestions. 


Meeting adjourned at 6:43 pm


Nancy Bucher, Asst. Clerk