Council Rules 2018

---------  BREWSTER RULES OF COUNCIL:  2018 --------

Under the Ohio Revised Code, the Council of a municipal may adopt rules under which they may operate.  For the most part most Councils adopt rules that fall within the guidelines of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), but in some areas that are not specifically set by the ORC, Council may set local rules to address Council functions.   These Council rules may be modified from time to time, and in Brewster, at their first Council Meeting in January, Village Council reviews the previous year's Council Rules, suggest any modifications to those Rules, and then adopt the Council Rules, including any modifications, for the coming year.   Shown at the link below are the Brewster Village Council Rules for 2018 adopted on January 2, 2018.  

The current remaining Council Rules are at the link at bottom of this page.