Village Fire Department



On the evening of Monday, December 15th, 2016 Brewster Council approved Mayor Mike Schwab's appointment of Chris Colucy as Fire Chief.   Chris has been with the Village Fire Department for 33 years and in that time has served in a variety of capacities including that of an Officer under three Chiefs as well as managing the Firemen's Festival for the last 21 years.   


 The Village Fire Department is a volunteer department made up of 26 men and women that provide fire and ambulance services to Brewster and portions of the adjacent Sugarcreek and Tuscarawas Townships.   Early in 2006 the Village VFD undertook a program under which a paid Paramedic is provided seven days a week between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm to the Village and the Township service areas.  The program has since been expanded to having a paid paramedic around the clock and two on the weekends.  This allows the VFD to handle more efficiently the hours when a strictly volunteer operation is deficient of available manpower.  The Brewster VFD is an operation made up of men and women that care about their community to the extent that they volunteer many hours for actual emergencies as well as the extensive training hours that are required to be ready for those times of need.  A thank you also goes to all members of the Fire Department who have and continue to answer emergency calls protecting our lives and property at any time and in any weather.

VFD Officers:

Fire Chief Chris Colucy 

Assistant Chief Jeremy Henry

Capt. Jon Huff                                            Capt. Roger Carpenter

Lt. Matthew Bair                                         Lt. Jared Baer

Emergency Numbers: 911 or 330-767-4044
Nonemergency Number: 330-767-4212

For more information about our Fire Department please visit us at brewsterfire.org