Smoke Testing June 22nd

Village Wastewater Utility

Location: 725 S. Wabash Avenue
Phone: 330-767-3114


Superintendent Dan Klein

The Village's Wastewater Utility in 2023 served 879 customers, processed 146 million gallons of wastewater, and maintained 14.5 miles of sewer lines.  As in all Ohio communities this was done under the watchful eye of the Ohio EPA which issues permits for operation of wastewater facilities.  A wastewater facility is a biological wonder in which effluent from homes and commercial operations is treated through natural processes, and occasional chemical supplements, to allow the release of the resulting clean water to an accepting waterway, in this case Sugar Creek. 

Superintendent Dan Klein began with the Village in 2007 as a Village Technician in Wastewater, and through dedication and education became the WWT Superintendent in 2017.   He holds a Class III Ohio Wastewater & a Class I Water License.   Dan also ably assists in other Village departments.   Dan has also been Acting Village Administrator on two occasions once in 2014 and again in 2016.  Craig Prater joined the Village Wastewater Utility team in 2017. Craig holds a Class III Wastewater License and a Class I Water License.

Superintendent Dan Klein
Village Technician Craig Prater