June 7, 2023 - Meeting Minutes - Tree Board

Tree Board Minutes
June 7, 2023
Meeting began at 3:00pm
Members Present: Mayor Charles Hawk; Administrator Michael Miller; Councilman Mike Schwab; Members absent: Councilman Tom Hilliard; Councilperson Sydney Radich.
The Administrator began by handing out a table showing recent “bids” to remove trees. The following were discussed:
• 363 2nd Street SE remove (1) dead Silver Linden
• East of 325 2nd Street SE and west of power pole remove (1) dead Silver Linden
• 325 2nd Street SE remove (2) dead Silver Lindens
• 417 Tuscarawas remove (1) Silver Maple
Those come to $2,800 and bring the Tree Fund balance down to $8,019.70.
It was discussed non-performing the following where bids were received:
• 405 Tuscarawas NW remove (1) locust.
The cost is $1,000, and the issue is sidewalk displacement which can be addressed with a sidewalk tree preservation crescent.
It was also discussed to place on hold the following until later in the year:
• Between 145 and 167 East Main
• West side of 185 East Main
The cost for both is $2,400, which would bring the Tree Fund balance down to $5,619.70 with six months remaining in the year – too small a margin.
The consensus was to proceed as outlined above.
Finally, it was discussed to proceed with removal of the trees we marked on Washington SW, south of 6th Street at the lowest bid price of $4,500. Those trees are across from the resident who had a tree fall and damage his car. Now that the Village is aware that there are potentially “hazardous\s” trees, we need to address them. Clerk-Treasurer Kris King was invited in, and appropriate funds for their removal were discussed. The Tree Fund has a low balance, and they are not “street” trees. General Fund and Water Fund were mentioned, but Clerk-Treasurer King recommended using Parks & Grounds. The consensus was to proceed accordingly.
The Administrator briefly spoke about a Meeting held Tuesday June 6th at the Wilderness Center, where there was further dialog about cooperation between the Wilderness Center and the Village for joint education and for joint “sustainable forestry management” of the areas we have joint boundaries.
With no other business the meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm