April 3, 2023 - Public Hearing - Car Wash

PUBLIC HEARING on proposed Zoning Amendment for Parcel 7001551

Date: April 3, 2023                                                      Chair Chuck Hawk called the hearing to order at 6 PM.

Council Members Present:

Dave Godwin, Tom Hilliard, Sydney Radich, Dale Fox.

Mayor Charles B. Hawk, Village Administrator Michael Miller, and Clerk-Treasurer Kris King were also present.

Members of the Audience present:

Paul Mynk, Brenda Mynk, Sherry Alexander, Ray Heitger, and Fire Chief Chris Colucy.

The meeting was turned over to Village Administrator Mike Miller.  VA Miller stated this hearing was to take into record any testimony and answer any questions concerning the Planning Commission’s decision to not approve the zoning change.  The request was to put a Dollar General store where the car wash currently is located.

Members of the Audience were asked if they had any testimony or questions. The Village Clerk was present to take the oath from anyone wishing to speak.  No one in the audience spoke.

Council was asked if they had any comments or questions:

Council Member Hilliard asked why the Planning Commission disapproved of the change.  VA Miller stated that even though he was not present, the property is only an acre and is completely surrounded by residential areas and doesn’t fit into the neighborhood.  It would be spot zoning.  The area was zoned residential in 1974 but since the car wash was already present and operational, the owner was allowed to continue the business.  If the business ever closes, it will revert back to a residential zone after one year.  The property can only be used as a car wash or be reverted back to residential.

Brenda Mynk commented that she thought it was already resolved.  VA Miller stated that the Planning Commission disapproved the zoning amendment application.  This is the next step in the process, a Public Hearing on the Planning Commission decision.  Next it will go before the Village Council to either approve or reject the Planning Commission’s recommendation.

Council Member Fox asked what was brought before the Planning Commission several years ago for the same parcel?  Council Member and Planning Commission Member Sydney Radich stated it was also a Dollar General.

Ray Heitger asked if it needed to go to zoning now.  The Mayor stated it has already been voted on by the Planning Commission and been disapproved.

Council Member Fox asked what would happen if the car wash would close.  VA Miller stated it would revert to a residential area.

Meeting adjourned at 6:08 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer