January 3, 2023 - Finance Committee

JANUARY 3, 2023 - 6:30 pm

Council Members present: Dale Fox, Tom Hilliard, Brett Long, Sydney Radich, and Mike Schwab.  VA Miller and Clerk-Treasurer Kris King were also in attendance.

Mayor Hawk turned the meeting over to Finance Chairman Mike Schwab to review the three wage scenarios for the upcoming term for the Clerk-Treasurer term starting April 1, 2024 through March 31, 2028 and the method used to determine them.  Chairman Schwab provided a handout with the information.  He also opened it up for other suggestions.

A 2.75% increase in the Village Clerk-Treasurer salary in each year of the next four-year term beginning in April of 2024.


From a Survey (hard copy in Council’s Village Hall mailbox)

The Survey lists 25 Ohio municipalities ranging in population from 312 to 14,962 and shows salaries for Full Time Clerks, Clerk-Treasurers, Fiscal Officers, Finance Directors, and a variety of combinations of those positions.  Using Full Time Clerk-Treasurers only from the survey we end up with salaries from 15 communities ranging in size from 312 to 4460 in population, and salaries from $ 30,000 to $ 84,660.

If we throw out the extremes, lowest and the highest salary, we have Clerk-Treasurer salaries from 13 communities and an average salary of $ 47,998.61.   If the $ 47,998.61 salary was considered for April 1, 2024 that salary would be a 9.7% salary increase from the upcoming April 1, 2023 salary of $ 43,747.49 slated in the last year of the current Brewster Clerk Treasurer term.   If each year of the remaining three years of the four-year term were afforded a 2.75% increase, Scenario #2 would be the following:   


Scenario #3:

Continue the April 1, 2023 Salary listed in 39-2019 of$ 43,747.49 through March 31, 2028


Scenario #4:

And so forth


Council Member Schwab stated that he isn’t completely comfortable with the survey.  VA Miller is going to try to get better comparables to provide to Council.  We need to consider the budgets of the communities we are comparing and whether they have utilities along with population.



Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM.

Respectively submitted,


Kris King