November 2, 2020 Welty Cemetery Meeting

Welty Cemetery Meeting
November 2, 2020  6:30 PM
=======================================================================================================================            Attendance: Mayor Hawk, VA Miller, Clerk-Treasurer Kris King, Council Members Fox, Hess, Hilliard,  Long, Radich, and Schwab. 
The meeting was opened by Mayor Hawk. He stated he called this meeting because Council has been going back and forth on whether to agree to take over the Welty Cemetery. He feels it is time to give an answer to the Welty Cemetery Board. Solicitor Anthony created an agreement of which the Welty Cemetery Board has agreed to with one exception. That exception is that there will be no difference in cost between Village residents and Township residents for a period of 10 years. The cemetery has a trust that contains approximately $30,000 and will be transferred to the Village for future care of the cemetery.
The agreement contains what the law requires. All property and the trust from the Cemetery Association will be transferred to the Village. There are approximately 2000 graves that are unsold. The budget for the cemetery is about $10,000 per year. Council Member Schwab asked how much was spent last year. VA Miller stated this is about more than just what the cemetery costs. A cemetery is a service that can be provided to the residents of our community. Mayor Hawk stated the goal is to break even or have a small profit. Council Member Long stated he feels the goal is to break even. Mayor Hawk stated it only takes a handful of people to run. The current Sexton would like to stay on. Mayor Hawk would like to form a committee. Solicitor Anthony stated that the Mayor can appoint three members. Mayor Hawk went on to explain that there is a charge of $600 to bury a person in the cemetery: $300 go to the digger, $100 goes to the Sexton, and the remaining $200 goes into the fund. Council member Schwab asked what the makeup of the board will be. Solicitor Anthony said he’ll have to look it up. Council Member Hilliard asked if the people working at the cemetery would be eligible for OPERS. It was stated that everyone associated with the cemetery will be considered a subcontractor. There was question about getting estimates for mowing and other items required. Mayor Hawk stated we plan to keep the same people that are currently doing the work. Council Member Hilliard had questions about the Sexton. Mayor Hawk explained that the Sexton sells the lots, meets with the digger, and that is who the people will call. There are two funds involved with the cemetery.  One is the trust fund and the other is the operating fund.
Solicitor Anthony explained that Council has 120 days from the time the trustees sign the agreement to accept it. The trustees signed it on October 13. The offer is being made by the current Welty Cemetery Trustees to the Village. The Village must then pass an ordinance of which 30 days are allowed for referendum. Council Member Schwab asked if the money would go through the clerk. Clerk King stated she would set up special funds for the cemetery. Council Member Hess asked how many sugar maples were in the cemetery. He stated that they could be another expense. Solicitor Anthony stated the day-to-day operations and budgetary process would be set by the board. There would be a specific set of rules to follow.
Meeting adjourned at 6: 48 PM.
Clerk-Treasurer Kris King