February 22, 2022 - Parks and Grounds meeting

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

Council Members present: Dale Fox, Dave Godwin, Sydney Radich, Tom Hilliard, Brett Long, and Mike Schwab.  VA Miller and Clerk-Treasurer Kris King were also in attendance.

Chairman Brett Long provided a list of projects (in no particular order) to the rest of the committee for review and discussion:

  •          Field #1:  Monitor and make sure that restoration and planting of grass last fall is satisfactory.
  •          Field #2:  Use the new power rake to recondition the infield and take out the hump between the infield and outfield.  The middle of March would be a good time to do it.  Council Member Hilliard asked what Council could do to help out.  Chairman Long suggested weed and feed the fields.
  •          Sand Volleyball Court area: Explore option to repurpose area with alternative uses, including but limited to:
  •          Bocci Court
  •          Tables with chess/checker tops
  •          Pickle Ball courts (turn the tennis court into two pickle ball courts) It is a combination of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton
  •          Potentially apply for a NatureWorks grant to redo the area, leveraging Village funds to get more for our investment
  •          Concession Stand: Convert into two restrooms?  Chairmen Long will get costs depending on the future use – Bathrooms, storage, etc.  Potentially apply for a NatureWorks grant to redo the area, leveraging Village funds to get more for our investment
  •          Repair and resurface basketball and tennis courts: Last quotes at $18,337
  •          Expand the Frisbee Golf Course:  Discussed the use of the Water Department property
  •          Upgrade/Replace Cameras: Currently using Silco at the Police Department and the Electric Departments.  Install at Fire Department and Village Hall
  •          Holdover: Gazebo on the Boulevard:  Old gazebo has multiple issues.  Discussed the possibility of removing and replacing with a patio with an opening for the Christmas tree for our Old-Fashioned Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  This would get people off of Route 93 and make full use of the Boulevard
  •          Holdover: Create handicapped parking spots for Bimeler Park in 1st Street parking lot
  •          Holdover:  Two 3’x3’ pads in Sabo Park for the trash cans.  Low-cost items
  •          Holdover: 3’x3’ pads for trash cans at Field #5 and Field #6.  Low-cost items
  •          Holdover: Bleacher pads at Field #5 and Field #6.  Need to get costs

Council Member Hilliard stated that the Street Department should be able to pour the pads for the trash cans.  Council Member Schwab asked about the applications for a seasonal employee.  The deadline for the applications is March 1st but the VA and Mayor will begin reviewing.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50pm

Respectfully submitted,


Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer