December 19, 2022 - Paving Committee Meeting

December 19, 2022
6:30 P.M.
6:30 P.M.—Call to order by Mayor Chuck Hawk
Charles Hawk, Mayor                                                        Nancy Bucher, Assistant Utility Clerk
Dave Godwin, Council Member                                      Sydney Radich, Council Member
Tom Hilliard, Council Member                                         Mike Schwab, Council Member
Mike Miller, Village Administrator
Meeting was to review the proposals for upcoming paving projects.  Village Administrator, Miller
has discussed the projects and received Street Superintendent Patterson’s suggestions.  Each member received 2 spreadsheets from Village Administrator Miller.  Below is the information that Village Administrator, Miller provided.
I have provided a TENTATIVE list of streets for 2023, with an Alternate 1, an Alternate 2, and an Alternate 3. The cost projections will have to be confirmed by an engineer, with a formal engineer’s estimate, but these should be close enough to establish a street list for bidding. West Main Alternate 1 is just a mill and fill. West Main Alternate 2 reduces the width of West Main between Lincoln and McKinley to 36 feet – a reduction of approximately 8 feet. While that is still the second widest street in the Village (East Main between Wabash and Cleveland is 69 feet wide), it is more reasonable – 2 10-foot travel lanes and 8 feet on either side for parking. While more expensive this time, in the long run it will save money EACH time it is repaved. It also addresses the shading issue at the west end. The final Alternate 3 is 1st Street SW between Lincoln and Grant.
Bidding the 2023 Paving Program out in this fashion allows Council to make determinations AFTER we get REAL costs – not projected. Council can choose just the Base plus Alternate 1 OR Alternate 2 and/or Alternate 3. The cost projections may change once it is bid, especially following closely the bidding of Park Drive Phase 1. If Council remembers, we have done this approach successfully in the past.
I also provided a copy of the current Pavement Condition Ratings, with notes. As you can see, some of the lower rated streets that might be on the paving list are slated to have construction on them because of future water line replacement projects. It would make no sense to pave a street only to a year (or two) later come back and dig up a trench for water line replacement. We also have some streets that we want to let water line trenches settle before paving.
Council Member Schwab asked the status of Northside Tuscarawas.  Miller stated that the water issues are being taken care of now.  The street and trees will be done later.
Council Member Hilliard asked status of Park Drive.  Was redone with quick patch with the OWPC grant.  The cost was $279,000 minus $140,584(out of paving fund) with the remaining matched from OWPC grant
Council Member Hilliard asked about the 5 foot Main South Side and Park Streets driveways, curbs, and gutters.  These items are included in the bidding.  Mayor Hawk stated some residents aren’t happy about this. 
Council Member Hilliard asked about how we go about requesting the owner of the Post Office to repair their area.  Mayor Hawk reported that he has been in contact with the owner, he will reach out to them again. 
Council Member Hilliard stated that a water leak was repaired at the Shanklin residence, but it was never landscaped.  Mayor Hawk will check into this. 
Council Member Fox arrived at 6:45 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned at 6:46 P.M.
Nancy Bucher, Assistant Utility Clerk