September 6, 2022 - Council of the Whole - Wages

SEPTEMBER 6, 2022 – 6:30 pm

Council Members present: Dale Fox, Dave Godwin, Sydney Radich, Tom Hilliard, Brett Long, and Mike Schwab.  VA Miller and Clerk-Treasurer Kris King were also in attendance.

Mayor Hawk opened the meeting and turned it over to Councilman Godwin.  Council Member Godwin called the meeting to start a discussion on elected officials’ salaries.

A resolution was passed in 2019 covering the increases for the Clerk-Treasurer for 2020-2023.  He would suggest Council to start thinking about 2024-2027 salaries for the Clerk-Treasurer.  No changes in salary can be made for the Clerk after the deadline for the Clerk to file for the next election.

Council Member Godwin also stated there has been no change in the Mayor or Council’s pay for quite a while.  He feels each of these positions should go up.  He stated that peoples’ time is worth money, and he would like to see what other communities are paying their elected officials.

Council Member Godwin stated that he wanted to bring this up now to avoid panic before the next election.

Council Member Hilliard agrees and would like the Finance Committee to get together and go over the money.


Meeting adjourned at 6:39pm


Respectfully submitted,


Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer