Planning Commission


Charles Hawk - Chair
Mike Schwab - Secretary
Joe Musacchia
Don Glick
Jerry Layne


The Brewster Planning Commission shall perform the following duties:  

1. Review, consider, and make recommendations on proposed rezoning, subdivision plans, amendments to the zoning text, platting regulations, and variances and similar items having to do with administration and regulatory measures

2. Review, consider and issue conditional zoning certificates as specified in the Village Zoning Code

3. Perform other duties and responsibilities or respond as requested by the Village Council.


Membership, Appointment, and Terms of the members of the Planning Commission:

The legislative authority of Brewster shall establish a commission of five members consisting of:

1. The Village Mayor

2. A Councilmember appointed by the legislative authority for the remainder of that individual's term as such member of the legislative authority,

3. Two citizens of the village appointed by the legislative authority for terms of six years each

4. A public member to be appointed by the Village Mayor for a term of six years


At 7 pm on January 24, 2019 the Planning Commission conducted a public meeting at which Planning Commission Bylaws were adopted.  The first order of business under these Bylaws was the appointment of a Chairperson and a Secretary from the membership of this five-member commission.  Village resident and Village Councilmember Charles Hawk of 624 Scioto was elected as the PC's Chairperson for 2019 and Village resident and Village Mayor Mike Schwab was elected the PC's Secretary for 2019.  


Meetings of the Brewster Planning Commission are scheduled as needed and shall be conducted on the third Thursday of a month at 7 pm, unless the majority of the Planning Commission approve another date and time.


The next scheduled Brewster Planning Commission is on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 7:30 pm


The PC's Bylaws and other pertinent documents will appear at the bottom of this page and shall be updated as needed.