Village Income Tax Administrator Steve Hartman has Office hours at Brewster Village Hall from 8 am to 12 noon Monday - Wednesday.   Stop in to see Steve if you have any questions and he would also be happy to assist you in completing the Income Tax form.   Steve can also be reached at 330-767-4214 during the above times, or at 330-466-5254 after hours.   The link to the Brewster Income Tax Form is at the bottom of this page.




            1. The wages, salaries, and other compensation earned from an employer in                                            Brewster is subject to the Village Income Tax

            2. The wages, salaries, and other compensation earned by a resident that is   
                   not subject to an Income Tax levied by another municipality.  Also applicable is                               the difference for any compensation in a community that has a lower tax rate
                   than Brewster.  For example, a Village resident works in community “A” that has
                   a 0.5% income tax rate.   The resident would owe taxes on wages and so forth to  
                   Brewster for the difference Brewster 1.0% and “A”s 0.5%.   There are very few 
                   municipals with a lower tax rate than 1.0%.

            3. Net profits of any business operating in the Village are subject to the    
                    Village Income Tax



            1. Anyone under 18 years of age does not pay Village Income Tax

            2. Private Retirement benefits are not taxed

            3. Social Security Pensions are not taxed           

            4. Proceeds from Annuities are not taxed

            5. Unemployment benefits are not taxed

            6. Proceeds from Insurance are not taxed

            7. Sick or Accident Benefits are not taxed

            8. Damages from Personal Injury are not taxed

            9. Sub Pay is not taxed

            10. Military pay is not taxed

            11. Net profits of any civic, charitable, religious, or similar organization are                                                   not taxed      

            12. If wages or salary is earned in another municipality and the income tax 
                    rate you pay equals or is larger than Brewster’s Income Tax rate,                                                   Brewster forgives that amount and you owe Brewster nothing.