Brewster is a community of tree lined streets nestled in a valley bordered by Sugar Creek.  The town is a cross section of America with young couples raising families and molding the Nation's future, people in their middle years caring for their homes and community, and the older folks enjoying life and all its benefits. The Village is located in northeast Ohio approximately 15 miles southwest of Canton, Ohio the home of the Football Hall of Fame.  Brewster is a small town of 2,112 residents, Census of 2010, who are a blend of what makes a progressive community. The Village’s major industries are, Brewster Cheese, the largest Swiss cheese producer in North America, Shearer Foods, an easily recognized snack food manufacturer, and the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway, a prominent regional railroad. The W & LE plays a large role in the community's history.   In addition Brewster is the home of Brewster Parke, a well known nursing home, assisted living, and independent living facility.

The Village is fairly young as it was incorporated in 1910, but its beginning was only a few short years before. In 1904 the W & LE, in hopes of avoiding a grade in Massillon, Ohio which could only be accomplished with three locomotives, began searching for an easier route for its trains.   At that time they purchased 200 acres in a valley southwest of Massillon and by 1906 had laid 25 miles of track along the Sugar Creek. In 1908 a fire destroyed the W & LE's shops in Norwalk, Ohio and with space available, the new town of Brewster received the new rail shops and yards. As happened with other towns a new community was founded. 

The names Bimeler, Corban, Belloni, Dougherty, Glick, Gephart, and others are remembered as early residents, but it took hard work and men and women with strong wills and an idea to make it happen. In later years it was Hanna, Gibbons, Bates, Schott, Witting, Archibald, Belloni, Musacchia, and others who provided the leadership, but again it was hard work and dedication of many others who provided the results.