January 16, 2018 - Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 16, 2018
7:00 P.M.
Brewster Village Council met in regular session with Mayor Mike Schwab presiding.
Council Members bowed their heads for the invocation provided by Clerk-Treasurer
Kris King followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Mike Schwab, Mayor
Chuck Hawk, Council Member                   Andrew Hess, Council Member
Tom Hilliard, Council Member                    Sydney Radich, Council Member                              
COUNCIL MEMBER HILLIARD MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER HESS and motion carried to excuse Council Member Godwin due to illness.  The vote: All yes.
COUNCIL MEMBER HILLIARD MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER HESS and motion carried to excuse Council Member Fox due to working late.  The vote: All yes.
John Anthony, Solicitor                                  Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer
Michael L. Miller, Village Administrator 
Mayor Mike Schwab asked if there were any additions or deletions to the January 2, 2018 Council meeting minutes. 
COUNCIL MEMBER HILLIARD MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER HESS and motion carried to accept the minutes as presented.  The vote: All yes.
COUNCIL MEMBER HAWK MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER HILLIARD and motion carried to accept the bills in the amount of $ 89,922.04.  The vote: All yes.
Fire Chief Chris Colucy, Steven Tharp, Jr. and Ray Heitger.
CONSIDERATION OF ORDINANCES:  Titles of each read by Solicitor John Anthony
ORDINANCE 03-2018: An Ordinance Authorizing the Adoption of an Employee Longevity Policy (VA requesting amendment to add part-time employees) was given third reading.
COUNCIL MEMBER HILLIARD MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER HAWK to bring the legislation forward for passage.
VA Miller explained that Ordinance 39-2009 added longevity to part-time employees at half the annual rate of the full-time employees.  He suggested adding Section B to this draft.
COUNCIL MEMBER HILLIARD MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER RADICH and motion carried to add the amendment as suggested by VA Miller.  The vote: All yes.
The vote on the legislation as amended: All yes.
First Reading: An Ordinance authorizing a contract with Massillon for Transportation of Prisoners.  The ordinance was written to be passed under emergency but there was not a quorum.
Fire Department: Chief Chris Colucy
RED Center 2017 Dispatch Report – Brewster Fire = 768 Calls; 2016 = 617 calls; a 24% increase.  Chief Colucy stated there was actually 775 calls through the station.  There have been 34 calls as of 01/18/18.
Affinity Hospital in Massillon is closing 02/04 at 11:59 pm; this will translate into more mileage, more fuel, more wear on vehicles, and longer out of service time for EMS personnel to travel to the hospitals.  Chief Colucy stated this is still up in the air.  Affinity will stop taking admissions on Feb. 21st.  Councilman Hawk asked what the times were for the different hospitals.  He also asked where the service boundaries were for the department.
Chief Colucy stated that the Tuscarawas Township contract will be up for renewal at the end of the year and he plans to be proactive and start having meetings early the year.
Grants were discussed.  Chief Colucy reported that Brewster was #65 on the list for a fire pumper.
Police Department: Chief Keith Creter (excused)
RED Center 2017 Dispatch Report – Brewster PD = 2,538 Calls; 2016 = 1,906 calls; a 33% increase.
Chief has suggested several modifications to Village Parking regulations; these will be provided to
Council after review by Solicitor, VA, and Mayor.
The Mayor reported that 9 Police Officers took a CPR class instructed by Paramedics Mike and Jen Mohler.  He sat in for a while and stated the class was quite extensive.
VILLAGE SOLICITOR:Attorney John Anthony
Solicitor Anthony has sent out seven collection letters to delinquent accounts for ambulance transports.
Solicitor Anthony discussed the parking regulations.   He stated we could repeal and write new regulations or amend the existing ones.
Solicitor Anthony discussed the Municipal Income Tax amendments by the State.  As of now, there is a stay on the changes.
Ohio Municipal League: Seminars for newly elected Council Members (Handout; info also available at http://www.omlohio.org/254/Newly-Elected-Council-Seminars)
Administrator’s report for period 1/3/2017 thru 1/16/2018:
  • Employee Handbook Policy. In my ongoing review of the Employee Handbook, there are two (2) additional policies that should be addressed: Violence in the Workplace and Weapons in the Workplace. I have drafted 3.12 Workplace Violence and 3.13 Weapons and Dangerous Ordnance. I am requesting that Council adopt 3.12 Workplace Violence and 3.13 Weapons and Dangerous Ordnance policies on a non-emergency basis, make it a codified ordinance in Chapter 38 EMPLOYEE REGULATIONS of our Codified Ordinances, and add it to our Employee Handbook. 
  • Employee Handbook Policy. As Council is aware, I am still reviewing our Employee Handbook. I have drafted and administratively adopted:
5.03     Health Insurance Program
5.12       Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment
These policies convey what the Village now has in place after we changed to the Stark County Schools Council of Governments Health Insurance Plan for our employees. I have previously distributed this policy.  It has been added to our revised Employee Handbook.
  • Employee Handbook Policy. As Council is aware, I am still reviewing our Employee Handbook. I have drafted and administratively adopted:
3.12 Emergency Contacts
Employees providing the associated form is completely voluntary, it can be revoked anytime, and it is not a public record. The form will be kept in a sealed envelope at the Police Department in the event of an emergency, where it can be accessed 24/7.
As I previously related to Council, when policies are written and administratively adopted I will distribute copies so that you are aware of what is occurring, and allow for feedback, concerns, or questions. I have previously distributed this policy.  It has been added to our revised Employee Handbook.
  • Volunteer Firefighter Accident & Sickness Coverage. The Village’s Accident & Sickness Coverage policy through VFIS for the Volunteer Firefighters was renewed at an estimated cost of $1,814 (based on total number enrolled, which fluctuates).
  • Stark County Schools Council of Governments Insurance. In addition to adding the Village of Brewster as a member for 2018, other political subdivisions that joined are the City of Campbell, Lake Township, and Paris Township.
In addition, we have switched to the Stark County Schools Council of Governments for Life Insurance, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment reducing our costs per employee from $7.44 per month to $5.00 per month while increasing coverage from $20,000 per employee to $40,000 per employee (projected $527.04 annual savings).
  • Proposed Solar Field. I was contacted by Willey Sandel of AMP to get an update on the proposed Solar Field Project. The update included:
  1. A purchase agreement for the Miller property has been proposed and is being negotiated by attorneys for AMP and the Miller’s. One of the current demands from the Miller’s is free electricity. As it cannot be supplied directly from the solar facility, this would have to be agreed to and supplied by the Village. At this point the Miller’s are not adjacent to our distribution system, so the answer was no to that question.
Note: The purchase will be negotiated and funded by AMP, but the property will be in the name of the Village of Brewster, as will the lease agreement with NextEra if the purchase is successful.
  1. Survey. AMP has an electronic copy of the survey for the Miller property proposed to be purchased. We will forward the hard copy when needed.
Note: To save time and reduce confusion, the resurvey of the Miller property proposed to be purchased was done by the Village directly.
  1. The output has increased from 1.5 MW to 1.9 MW.
Note: This number has fluctuated greatly during the process, so I am not sure what the final output will be.
  1. AMP has spoken to the School District, and they can provide the classroom access and information the District has requested.
  1. Lay Down Area. The lay down area may have to be moved so that it doesn’t interfere with baseball/softball this Spring. Construction start and completion at the mercy of when the property is acquired. I have an alternate lay-down area in mind.
I will continue to keep Council informed.
  • Employment Posters. The State of Ohio Minimum Wage poster was updated at the first of the year. The Village has been/is posting and updating individual employment law posters to save money. We can print and post individual posters for no cost. In the past, the Village purchased “comprehensive” posters to meet the requirements for posting. We have seven (7) work locations. So each time an individual poster was updated (minimum wage annually for example), we would have to buy seven (7) posters (current cost $29.95 each or $209.65 total)
VA Miller reported on communications from AMP on the Fremont Plant.
Lists of accomplishments for each department have been sent out to Council Members via email.  VA Miller plans to send out his 2018 goals for each department later this week.
Councilman Hilliard expressed concern about getting the North Water Tower Rehab complete before the weather prohibits it and that the south tower can handle the demands of our businesses and residents.  VA Miller reassured him on both counts.  Councilman Hilliard asked if the Village had enough salt, VA Miller stated we are in good shape with what we have and the three loads that were ordered last week.
Councilman Hawk brought up the water pressure issue.  VA Miller explained that in order to properly diagnose the problems, the Village needs to go into some homes with an issue along with an independent plumber.  It is believed that in many cases it is not a pressure problem but it is a flow issue.  He would like to have 6-12 homeowners allow their homes to be tested in this way at no charge to the homeowner.  VA Miller doesn’t think it is on the Village’s side of the meter.  He would like to pull some meters and check to see if they are clogged or are running properly.  He also discussed that many new products have flow reducers that can be removed.
Mayor Schwab provided his 2018 Annual Report for Police, Fire, and EMS.  He discussed how they were each funded and different expenses coming out of the funds that support them.  He also provided spreadsheets with explanations of what the different line items cover. 
Mayor Schwab provided Snow Removal Guidelines.  Three special notes were that salt is not effective below 15 degrees, salt is not normally spread when additional snow is forecasted, and that salt is most effective with traffic and sunshine.  Neighborhood streets often lack sufficient traffic.  Councilman Hilliard asked if there was a “pecking order” to who does the plowing.  VA Miller stated that the Street Department goes out first then the most qualified.  This last storm the Electric and Sewer Departments were both out helping plow.  Councilman Hilliard was concerned using the new electric truck for plowing.  VA Miller assured him that the electric truck that the Village purchased is made for heavy work.
The Yard Waste Center was discussed.  We are in jeopardy of losing our support from the Stark-Tusc-Wayne Joint Solid Waste.  The Mayor and VA are looking at other options.
2018 Estimated Total Amount Available spreadsheet:
The first step in the budgeting process is to estimate how much will be available in each fund.  Please keep in mind that even though the funds are budgeted, you don’t want to spend 100% or you will not have a carryover for the following year.  You need a carryover to be able to function until the next year’s revenues are realized.  Budget meetings with the department heads are being held to determine how the money will be appropriated in each fund.  Once these meeting are complete and the estimated expenditures are decided upon, a proposed Appropriation Ordinance will be brought to Council.
Life Insurance:
As reported by the VA, the employees’ life insurance benefit is being moved from OPEC to Stark County Schools COG.  I am in the process of getting all the paperwork filled out by the employees and making adjustments to the payroll software to accommodate the employees’ supplemental insurance that was never offered by the other company. 
W-2’s have been prepared and are available for all employees.
Federal, State, and City reconciliations still have to be prepared.
The 2017 Unaudited Financial Statement has been prepared. 
Residents’ tax forms have been printed.  Joyce is stuffing and mailing them as time permits.
Councilman Hilliard stated that the utility bills were printed upside down and the perforation was on the wrong end.
VA Miller discussed the importance of three to six month reserves in certain funds and the Village’s inability to set up reserves because the State expects the Village to spend what comes in.  This creates a problem when capital purchases need to be made and when loans are applied for.
COMMITTEES or COUNCIL REPORTS: The Goal of any committee meeting is to discuss an issue or proposal and to provide, by a consensus of the committee members, ONE recommendation to Council.
1. Council Member Fox                – Goals for 2018 – Absent
2. Council Member Godwin          – Goals for 2018 – Absent
3. Council Member Hawk             – Goals for 2018 – Taking some of the pressure off the Fire Chief concerning finances
4. Council Member Hess              – Goals for 2018 – Expanding Street garage to better organize equipment and to provide indoor parking for the Police Department
5. Council Member Hilliard           – Goals for 2018 – Silence the fire siren, startup neighborhood watch program again with a different Police Officer at each meeting, and an awning for police vehicles.
6. Council Member Radich            – Goals for 2018 – More handicap pads and sidewalk strips, more communication between Council, Village Departments, and the community.
REMINDER:         Stark RPC: Governmental Law Seminar will be on Saturday, February 24, 2018 for Municipal Officials. Those members of Council interested may want to register.
AMP Proposal – Icebreaker Wind Farm Project on Lake Erie; Six turbine Pilot Program.
2018 Municipal Road Fund Applications are being accepted until 02/15/2018.
OLD or NEW BUSINESS: (Council Rules dictate a one meeting review period for expenditures, unless deemed an emergency)            
COUNCIL MEMBER HILLIARD MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER HESS and motion carried to draw up an ordinance adopting 3.12 Workplace Violence and 3.13 Weapons and Dangerous Ordnance policies on a non-emergency basis and make it a codified ordinance in Chapter 38 EMPLOYEE REGULATIONS of our Codified Ordinances, and add it to our Employee Handbook.  The vote: All yes. 
Village Speaks:
There were concerns about the Village Yard Waste Center being closed by Stark-Tusc-Wayne Waste Management from several residents.  Council is looking into solutions.
Audience Remarks:
Steve Tharp, 274 2nd St SW, would like to see Council draw up a resolution to Affinity Hospital to keep it open.  He stated that regarding the Stark-Tusc-Wayne Waste Mgmt., everyone should contact their County Commissioners.  He stated this would help.  Mr. Tharp stated that he has 65 PSI at his house but the people on the north side don’t and are paying the same for water.  He would also like to praise Chief Colucy for saving money at the Fire Department by reducing spending.  Mr. Tharp stated that he would not support a Fire Levy unless Council would do a performance audit for the FD.
Ray Heitger, 317 7th St. SE, wondered if there was any way to contact Weisgarber Trucking for our yard waste?  VA stated they went out of that part of the business.  Mr. Heitger also asked if we could charge any company that wants to drop their wood from trees.
Chief Colucy told Council how Buzz Belloni has helped the Fire Department during the snow storms by cleaning the pad so the vehicles could get out.  He stated Buzz has done this for years and the Fire Department appreciates it.
COUNCIL MEMBER Hilliard MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER Radich and motion carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:26 PM. The vote: All yes.
Respectfully submitted,
Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer
Mike Schwab, Mayor