December 10, 2018 - Council of the Whole - Fire Levy

DECEMBER 10, 2018
6:00 P.M.




Mike Schwab, Mayor

Dale Fox, Council Member                           Sydney Radich, Council Member

Chuck Hawk, Council Member                    Andrew Hess, Council Member

Tom Hilliard, Council Member                    Dave Godwin, Council Member                



Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer                             Michael L. Miller, Village Administrator 


Asst. Chief Jen Mohler was also in attendance.


The meeting was called to discuss the legislation with a third reading at the next meeting.  Mayor Schwab provided estimates on different scenarios of the income tax issue including different lengths of the issue.  Asst. Chief Jen Mohler stated that Chief Colucy wants the additional funds for an expansion of the building, air packs, other equipment, and to expand the hours of the EMS program.  The Chief stated he will not support the issue if Council puts it on the ballot for five years.  That will not bring in enough funds to complete the projects he has in mind.  Councilman Hilliard stated that if they are going to add onto the building, it should be done all at once and not in steps.  Mayor Schwab stated the architect said to figure the costs would go up 5% a year.  The Chief is concerned that a new Mayor and Council will be elected and not want to finish what is started if the issue is only for 5 years.  Councilman Hilliard said the Fire Department should come up with a plan then go for it.  He said he hasn’t heard any negatives.  He proposes an 8 to 10-year issue and wants the building done all at once.


Staffing was discussed including the legislation up for first reading at the next meeting increasing wages from 11 pm to 6 am.  Asst. Chief Mohler stated that there haven’t been any calls during that time frame since the standby pay was raised to minimum wage and paramedics are receiving full-time and  part-time wages.


The conversation returned to the amount that would be collected with a ½ % income tax issue if it passed and when the funds would be available.  Councilman Hawk has a concern if the Fire Department moves on the new building too soon, they will be short on funds.  Clerk King discussed how the first year the funds would come in slowly as businesses turned in withholding and then after the first of the following year, the residents would be filing their 2019 returns and payments.  It was stated that it would take about a year to get everything in place to break ground.  Chief Colucy is recommending 8 years.  Councilman Fox brought up the fact that over 90% of the income taxes collected come through our businesses withholdings.  VA Miller said that $1 of tax collected from residents brings in $9 from employees working in the Village.


It was discussed to put the legislation increasing wages by $3 per hour during the 11 pm to 6 am timeframe on hold until the wage structure and other policies are determined and put into effect.


Meeting adjourned at 6:38 pm.



Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer