August 6, 2018 - Council Meeting

AUGUST 6, 2018
7:00 P.M.
Brewster Village Council met in regular session with Mayor Mike Schwab presiding.
Council Members bowed their heads for the invocation provided by Clerk-Treasurer
Kris King followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Mike Schwab, Mayor
Dale Fox, Council Member                           Dave Godwin, Council Member
Chuck Hawk, Council Member                    Andrew Hess, Council Member                 
Thomas Hilliard, Council Member             Sydney Radich, Council Member                              
John Anthony, Solicitor                                  Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer
Michael Miller, Village Administrator
Mayor Mike Schwab asked if there were any additions or deletions to the July 16, 2018 Council meeting minutes. 
COUNCIL MEMBER GODWIN MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER FOX and motion carried to accept the minutes as presented.  The vote: All yes
COUNCIL MEMBER GODWIN MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER FOX and motion carried to accept the bills in the amount of $527,922.02.  The vote: All yes.
Ray Heitger, Shane Hetherington, and Chris Colucy were in attendance.
Ian Crawford, Village Prosecutor, stated the Village is doing well in the Courts and the Police Department is doing a good job.
CONSIDERATION OF ORDINANCES:  Titles of each read by Solicitor John Anthony
Second Reading: Authorize an Application for a 2019 OPWC Application for a Water Treatment Plant Filter Improvement Project (September 14th application deadline).  Councilman Hilliard asked for more information.  VA Miller stated the application is for the coating inside and outside of the filters.  The VA needs specifications drawn up for the removal and installation of the filters even though it may be done in house.  The specifications will help the Village to get funding from OWPC.  The cost of the contractor is needed for the application.  The VA and Water Superintendent watched a contractor replace Navarre’s filters and are confident that Village employees can complete the project at a savings.
Second Reading: Authorize an Application for a 2019 OPWC Program and/or LTIP Application for a Main Street E. Improvement Project (September 14th application deadline).
From the Mayor - First Reading: Authorize the Approval of the STW Joint Waste Management District’s Solid Waste Management District Plan Draft for 2019-2028 (September 14th Yes or No Deadline).  Councilman Godwin asked if someone from the District was going to come to a Council meeting to speak.  Mayor Schwab explained the draft and stated if Council wished, he would invite someone from the District to come to the next meeting.  Everyone seemed content with the Mayor’s explanation.
Fire Department: Chief Chris Colucy
Recently appointed Firefighters Logan Gainey & Trevor Heaton have been approved to attend 36-hour Firefighter certification training at Stark State College at $ 361.60 per attendee.
Captain Jon Huff would like to attend the Fire Inspector Class at Bowling Green – October 6th-10th = $ 545 plus motel and meals.  This may exceed $ 1,000 training threshold and may require Council approval(not an emergency).  Councilman Hilliard asked if three Fire Inspectors was the norm for a department.  Chief Colucy stated there is no normal and that a one time all of the members of the Fire Department were also Fire Inspectors.  He also stated that the schools all need inspected before the beginning of the year and another Fire Inspector would really help out.
Replaced 3 sets of turnout gear at an approximate cost of $ 5,400.
Request purchase of a mini fridge for each of the ambulances to refrigerate drugs; Cost =$ 500/ piece.
FEMA has started awarding grants; No notification to Brewster to date.  Announcements are made every Friday.
There have been 477 calls to date. 
There will be an open house in conjunction with the Arts on the Boulevard on September 22 from 12 – 4pm.  This will commemorate 100-years of service from the Brewster Volunteer Fire Department.   Commemorative coins will be available for purchase at a cost of $15.  The Chief passed around a sample.
Fire/EMS Budgets: Chief Colucy stated that he keeps harping on running out of space in the Fire Department.  He stated we need to get with the times, New Philadelphia and Dover have built a new Fire Department along with several other cities.  The Department needs bathrooms and showers.  This is a serious health risk that needs to be addressed.
Councilman Hilliard asked what the profit was for this year’s festival.  Chief Colucy stated it was just under $ 14,000.
Police Department: Chief Keith Creter(Excused)
Oaths of Office were administered to new Part Time Officers Robert Kern, Jacob McGrath, and Kyle Wood on 07/19; each are required to successfully complete department training prior to being active.
Chief cleared by his Physician to provide administrative duties at the Police Department.
Reviewing: Proposal from Stark County Development Disabilities concerning the abuse, neglect, and/or misappropriations/exploitation of individuals in our community with developmental disability that will be sent to the Solicitor by the Mayor. Council may be requested to approve a Memorandum of Understanding before end of October.
Income Tax Legislation: There is an appeal pending in Franklin County in which the Village is a participant.
OPEC Litigation: There was a motion to dismiss that was overruled by the courts.  Now there is an appeal.  The deficit aspect is the only part left to figure out.
Coming out of the General Assembly: 
  • The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is considering a 12% reduction for public employers.
  • The Medical Marijuana Registry has been put on hold.
  • There is a new bill that would allow municipalities to use up to 5% of their Water and Sewer Funds to be expended for Economic Development.
  • In Butler County, an Auditor was sued for not providing the method for which property taxes were calculated.  This was not a firm request for an existing document and there was no document that existed.  New records are not required to be created for a public records request.
Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Joint Waste Management District: Communities that participate in the District are required to approve or disapprove of the District’s Solid Waste Management District Plan Draft for 2019-2028 before September 14, 2018; Legislation to approve had a First Reading tonight.
Stark County Council of Governments: There will be a 90-minute seminar on “The Ohio Ethics Law” on Friday, August 17th at Silk Auditorium at Malone University from 1 to 2:30 pm.  Council was provided a copy of the brochure.
Stark Sheriff: Stark County Safe Communities Program – the Stark County OVI Task Force along with the Ohio State Highway Patrol will hold a “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign August 17th – Sept. 3rd.
Administrator’s report for period 7/16/2018 thru 8/6/2018:
  • Paving – Curb and Gutter. The curb and gutter work began on Tuesday July 17th and was completed Friday July 20, 2018. The final amount of curb and gutter that was installed was 1136 lineal feet, which is a slight increase over our initial estimate. We bid based on unit prices, so the increased lineal feet is a covered contingency. The estimated versus actual estimates versus actual are as follows:


Unit Cost

Estimated Lineal Feet

Estimated Cost

Actual Lineal Feet

Actual Cost


West Main




























The change in lineal feet is attributable to adding 45 feet +/- of curb and gutter across the alley and drive on Tuscarawas to assure proper drainage; adding 25 feet +/- to extend curb and gutter past the 2nd (east) drive of the church on Main; and 30 feet +/- of additional curb and gutter on Chestnut from the end of Spidell’s property across the Village property to our catch basin billed at the Tuscarawas rate.
We also found it necessary to:
  • Replace the double handicapped ramp at the NW corner of Tuscarawas and Chestnut ($2,200)
  • Replace drive approaches on Tuscarawas at the alley (strength to accommodate garbage trucks), the drive on the west side of Tuscarawas, and the two (2) drives on Main Street West. ($5,160)
  • Add/install two (2) single handicapped ramps on Tuscarawas at the alley ($2,700)
It should be noted that Spidell Funeral Home has already reimbursed the Village for its share of the curb and gutter.
  • Paving. Central Allied Enterprises, Inc. began milling Village Streets Thursday August 2nd. Tuscarawas, which is a full rebuild, had the base courses of asphalt installed Friday August 3rd. Paving is scheduled to begin Monday August 6th and be completed Tuesday August 7th.
The grindings (milled asphalt) is being taken to the parking lot by the baseball field on 7th Street to be used as part of the solar project.
  • Electric – AMP. The Mayor and I met with Mike Migliore, Vice President of Power Supply Planning and Marketing with AMP, as well as another representative of AMP, on Friday July 20th to review our annual Power Supply Update. We went over the Village’s current position as well as what steps the Village can take to stabilize or lower rates in the future. I have sent a copy of the AMP power point out to Council previously, and hard copies are available for review here at the Village Hall.
A number of questions were asked during the presentation:
  • Peak shaving – How much does peak shaving save the Village and its customers. A 1 MW reduction saves about $5 per KWh per month, or approximately $60,000.
Note: Brewster’s electric bill is affected in a large part by our peak usage. There is 1 CP (the highest amount used during the year) and 5CP (the average of the 5 highest usage days). Those two numbers then set the amount of generation that has to be set aside for the Village, plus a 15% reserve. Those two numbers also affect what Brewster is charged for transmission costs.
  • Peak shaving – The solar field should help with reducing Brewster’s peak (page 4), but we won’t see the benefit of it until 2020 (online in 2019, which will reduce peak for following year’s bills).
  • The remainder purchase contracts that run through 2024 will help stabilize rates, especially as some higher cost electric comes off.
  • Slide 38 shows the Village’s capacity charge going down. Last year’s projection had 2018-2019 ($2 higher), 2019-2020 ($1 higher), and 2020-2021 ($2 higher).
  • Slide 40 shows transmission charges continuing to go up. The majority of our electric rate “increase” is a result of increases that are passed through for transmission (via PCA). Transmission is where the power companies can make a “guaranteed” pay back of 10%, and why most electric utilities are divesting of generation and investing in transmission (grid). Some is also attributable to AMP Hydro coming online.
  • Levy Gate. The US Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to be in the Village the week of August 6th to inspect its installations. On Wednesday August 8th they have scheduled to erect (and then take down) the levy gate, which will require closing down a portion of 7th Street that day.
  • County Culvert Replacement – 7th Street SE. I have been contacted by the County that the County Culvert Replacement on 7th Street SE has been pushed back due to some coordination issues with utilities.  If the County can get things straightened out it may still go late this year. However, considering what a closure impact would have on the schools, it may more than likely will wait until next Summer once school is out of session. 
  • OPWC - North Water Tower Safety Improvements and Rehabilitation Project.
The project was advertised in the Canton Repository July 17th and July 24th. Bids were originally scheduled to be opened at 2:00 pm on August 2nd, but to give bidders additional time to respond the deadline and date/time to open bids was moved back to August 9th, 2018. 
As stated previously, the primary bid is to have the North Water Tower Safety Improvements and Rehabilitation Project completed by November 16th this year. We have also added an alternative bid for start and completion by June 25th, 2019, because we were informed that many painting contractors may have a full schedule already for 2018. Adding an alternative should assure that the Village has the lowest cost. Dixon Engineering is coordinating the bidding process.
Once bids have been opened and a recommendation made, Council will be asked to award a contract. If it is the alternate bid for start and completion in early 2019, we will have to request and receive an extension form OPWC.
OPWC will also have to give a notice to proceed before construction can begin. Dixon Engineering has been contracted to conduct construction oversight in the amount of $16,142.50, which was included in our budget for the OPWC grant.
  • Solar Project. The Brewster Solar Project continues to move forward.
  • Game Change, the racking manufacturer, was on site the week of July 23rd to complete the pull test.
  • A Notice of Commencement for the DG AMP Solar Brewster solar facility was recorded on July 24th, 2018.
  • Grindings from our paving project are being delivered to the laydown area (baseball parking lot)
  • The laydown area lease continues to be negotiated between NextEra and Fairless Schools.
  • The contractor is expected to begin site mobilization on August 7th.
  • Rick Borecki, the NextEra Energy Construction Project Manager, will be on site that day.
  • A “Kick-Off” meeting has been scheduled for August 15th at the Hampton Inn in Massillon.
  • Electric – Elm. The new poles on Elm have been installed on the north side. The Electric Department has also completed:
  • The changeover of the power for the units on Elm.
  • The removal of the grindings from trees that were removed as part of the project and restoration of the area and planting grass seed.
  • Installation of new LED street lighting.
They still have the removal of the poles on the south side of Elm yet to be completed.
  • Electric –Substation Upgrade/Expansion. GPD continues to work on design for the substation expansion and upgrade.
  • 2019 OPWC Grant Application – East Main. A meeting was held with Engineering Associates regarding putting together a specification for the East Main project from Cleveland to Jackson. The specification will include a slight narrowing of pavement with installation of curb and gutter on the south side of Main. The elimination of an average of 4 to 5 feet of pavement offsets the cost of the curb and gutter based on the prices we received this year. While normally the addition of curb and gutter is assessed to the property owner, in this case I would recommend it be part of the project cost because:
  • Main Street needs paved.
  • The property south of Main between Cleveland and Jackson cannot be built on unless the US Army Corps of Engineers releases them from the existing pondage easement, which is unlikely.
  • As the property south of Main is unbuildable, assessments for “improving” them seems counterintuitive.
  • The actual pavement will be reduced by approximately 3-feet but replaced by 2 ½ foot curb and gutter.
  • The final width of pavement and curb and gutter will be the same as the streets such as Scioto and Muskingum – wide enough to support parking on the north side and 25 MPH traffic in the 2 ten-foot travel lanes.
  • The curb and gutter and width of the street will encourage slower speed (traffic calming).
  • Because of the “narrowing”, approximately 60% of the cost of the curb and gutter is paid for by the savings in asphalt.
  • This portion of Main Street is part of the proposed Safe Routes to Schools pathway, so we will be a step ahead of getting it constructed.
The deadline for applications is Friday September 14th.
  • Safe Routes to Schools Study – Crosswalk on Route 62. The Safe Routes to Schools study continues to progress. Our next meeting is August 17th at 9:00 am.
If there any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will continue to keep Council informed.
  • Efficiency Smart. For a limited time, Efficiency Smart is making appliance recycling even more rewarding for Brewster Municipal Electric residential customers. Schedule a FREE pick-up of a working refrigerator or freezer between July 1 and August 31, and you’ll receive $60 for recycling your unit!  You can also save up to $150 a year by not running your old appliance.  Call 844-260-3487 or visit to schedule.
  • Efficiency Smart. Standard and dimmable specialty LED lightbulbs are available for a limited time for $0.99 each at Belloni Foods. Discount pricing courtesy of Efficiency Smart and Brewster Municipal Electric. Questions? Call Efficiency Smart at 877-889-3777 or visit for more information.
  • USDA Loan Application. The Mayor, Clerk, and I met with a representative Tuesday July 24th for about 3 ½ hours to begin the loan application process for the Jefferson Ave SE Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement Project. We will continue to gather and provide the required information and complete the application.
  • Safety Training. In the next few weeks our employees will be training with our new trench shoring equipment to assure that we are familiar with it. Ultimately, I would also like our Village employees to offer training on the equipment’s use to our Fire Department. A recent trench event that the Brewster Fire Department and Village personnel responded to made it evident that it would be prudent to have as many individuals trained on its use and have it available not just for Village use but also in an emergency.
  • Street Trees (and Electric Hazard Trees) – Currently we are marking sidewalk panels that were damaged by trees that have been removed. We will be soliciting bids for their replacement, and provided funds are available replace them.
We will then assess the remaining budget for replacement of trees that were removed. We will be waiting to do so in the Fall, when the prices for trees normally come down. We will be careful to plant trees that are appropriate for the location they are planted, to “replace” those removed. They are not always “replaced” in the same location (i.e. if the tree was interfering with electric lines, we wouldn’t replace the tree under the electric lines again).
Once those tasks are accomplished, we will determine if the budget will support removal of some additional trees on Scioto.
  • Property Maintenance. I am still sending letters out for high grass and weeds. If any Councilpersons notice a location that they feel is in violation, please let me know.
  • Water Department - Asset Management Plan. Work continues on the Village’s Asset Management Plan for the Water Department. An initial draft is expected to be completed in the next couple of weeks. The final plan is required to be completed by October 1st, 2018.
  • 2018 Department Goals. We are in the process of doing a mid-year review of where we stand on Department goals established for 2018.
Councilman Fox requested that a handicap ramp be looked into in front of Village Hall while the pavers are in town.
Councilman Godwin asked if the Village has the appropriate sized ditch boxes.  VA Miller stated we have a large one and smaller ones ordered.  They also have plates for shoring.
Councilman Hawk asked if the use of the recycling and yard waste has increased since some of the other facilities have closed.  Mayor Schwab stated he would have to do some calculations to know for sure since they changed the size of the containers, but it appears it has.  The yard waste area has recently been expanded to 3 times its original size.
  1. Update: A Proposal to Close the Rail Crossing on Baymere Avenue:
Rehash -
  • Mayor Letter sent to Ohio Railroad Development Commission expressing concern about the proposed closing of the Baymere Road rail crossing in Sugar Creek Township
  • Mayor and VA met with Sugar Creek Twp. Trustee Bob Wentling on July 16th to touch on this issue and two possible future small Village annexations in the Township
Update -
  •  Catherine Stout of the Ohio Railroad Development Commission advises that the W & LE has not petitioned her agency to close the Baymere rail crossing, but that she understands that the W & LE has offered Sugar Creek Twp. a monetary incentive to allow the closure.  She also explained that the ORDC can also offer an incentive for the closure but that the authority to close the crossing lies with the Township or in rare instances by the PUCO.
2.    One Appointment to the Village Planning Commission:                
Mayor appoints Joe Musacchia to a six-year term on the Brewster Planning Commission; his term would run until 01/01/2024.
   (A)   There be and hereby is established a Planning Commission in accordance with R.C. §713.01.
   (B)   The Planning Commission shall be composed of five members, consisting of the Mayor, a member of the Council to be elected thereby for the remainder of his or her term as such member of Council, and three citizens of the village to be appointed by the Mayor for terms of six years each, except that the term of one of the members of the first Commission shall be for four years, and one of two years.
   (C)   All members of the Planning Commission shall serve without compensation, and shall have all the powers conferred in R.C. §§ 713.01 et seq.
   (D)  The Planning Commission of the village corporation shall be the Platting Commission thereof and have all the powers and duties as provided for in R.C. §§ 735.17 to 735.26, inclusive.
  1. Two Appointments to the Village Zoning Board of Appeals:
I would ask that Council appoint Ray Heitger and Ken Damewood to another three-year term on the Village Zoning Board of Appeals; terms for both would run until 08/06/21
Zoning Code Section 153.411:  COMPOSITION AND APPOINTMENT of Zoning Board of Appeals Members
(A)   The Board shall consist of seven members appointed by the Village Council. The members shall be residents of the incorporated area of the village and shall be composed of members of the Planning Commission plus two others appointed for terms of three years.
  1. August 7th Stark County Schools Ballot Issue:
  • Chief Creter, VA, and Mayor met with Fairless Supt. Bidlack to review Village PD’s role in Fairless Schools and the employment of a second School Resource Officer
  • If the Ballot Issue is approved the Village will work with Fairless to create a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to put on paper the specifics of the SRO relationship between Fairless and Brewster. 
  • This would outline the guidelines, policies, and the cost sharing provisions involved and would require approval by both the Fairless BOE and Brewster Council.
  1. Village Planning Commission – July 19th Meeting
  • July 19th Meeting Minutes (Council copy).
  • Recommendation to Village Council that Section 153.439 of the current Village Zoning Code be repealed and replaced by the language in the proposal, and that the Planning Commission also recommends that upon adoption of the new language that Village Council should review and adjust the current fees.  
PROPOSED NEW LANGUAGE OF Section 153.439:           
Section 153.439                 SCHEDULE OF FEES, CHARGES AND EXPENSES.
“Village Council shall establish, by separate ordinance, a schedule of fees, charges, and expenses and a collection procedure for zoning permits, subdivision plats, appeals, and other matters pertaining to the Planning and Zoning Code.  The schedule of fees shall be posted in the office of the Village Administrator and may be altered or amended only by the Village Council.  Until all applicable fees, charges, and expenses have been paid in full, no action shall be taken on any application”.
  • Currently to modify any fee or charge for any zoning or planning permit or other charge the proposed change would be treated as a zoning amendment which requires a hearing by the Planning Commission, followed by a Planning Commission recommendation to Council, followed by a Council hearing, and followed by the approval of an ordinance.
  • If the proposal recommended by the PC is approved future fee modifications would be considered only as a legislative matter by Council and approved by Council.
Council’s next Steps:
  1. Council sets a Public Hearing to consider that Section 153.439 of the current Village Zoning Code be repealed and replaced by the language in the proposal (ORC & Village Code: minimum thirty days after receiving the recommendation) Suggest: September 17th to allow placement of a Legal Ad
  2. Council directs that legislation be created approving the Planning Commission’s recommendation.  If created for a First Reading at the August 20th Council Meeting, the Third Reading would be on September 17th
  1. Proposal to Update the Village Soliciting Permit Process (current adopted in 1922 & 1973)
  • Provided:             Copy of the current Village Code Chapter 113
                                  Copy of a Draft of suggested modification to Chapter 113
  • The Permit would be issued by the Police Chief instead of Clerk or Mayor.
  • An application form would be submitted to the Police Chief a minimum of 10 days prior intended solicitation.
  • Application Form available at PD or online and would be accompanied by a photo, name and address, and permission for a background check
  • Group application would require and would be accompanied by a photo, name and address, and permission for a background check for each individual that would solicit
  • Cost would = $ 50 (currently $ 12)
  • Permit would be for 30 days (currently one year)
  • Solicitations for Fairless Schools, organizations w/an exempt status under IRS Section 501(C)(3), or persons providing political or religious information would be exempt 
Mayor requests that Council review the proposed Draft for possible adoption
Councilman Hilliard is concerned about the Police Chief issuing the soliciting permits because he is not always available and at the station.  Mayor Schwab stated the applications would be available at Village Hall, the Police Department and online.
July 19th – August 6th, 2018 Report:
The July 2018 and Year-to-Date Financial Reports have been distributed to Council.
All ordinances and resolutions passed as of July 18th have been submitted to American Legal for codification.  Prosecutor Crawford requested that any ordinances that involve criminal violations be forwarded to his office.
I will be preparing the 2019 Tax Budget over the next two weeks for submission to the County Budget Commission by August 20th.
Nancy Bucher has been hired to work part-time.  She is currently training in the utility billing software system.  Nancy comes to us after 35 years of office experience at Affinity Medical Center.
The 2017-2016 Audit Report is available for viewing.  It can be found on the State Auditor’s website or I can print out a copy for you.
In connection with the USDA Loan: I was able to find our DUNS number which is a number that is associated with our credit score through Duns and Bradstreet.  The next step for me to complete is getting a SAMS number.  Because it has been so long since the Village has tried to get a grant through the USDA, I had to get registered as an administrator.  It only took two minutes short of three hours on hold to get through to a person at the Federal Service Desk.  Needless to say, our application has been completed and mailed to the Federal Service Desk and we are waiting for a response. 
In connection with our paving projects: Prevailing Wage Interviews have been completed with Central Allied Enterprise employees.
Street Sweeping will be August 28th weather permitting.  Please park off the streets.
COMMITTEES or COUNCIL REPORTS: The Goal of any committee meeting is to discuss an issue or proposal and to provide, by a consensus of the committee members, ONE recommendation to Council
Utility Committee Meeting is scheduled for August 20th at 6 pm.
REMINDER: Village Wide Garage Sales – Friday, August 10th and Saturday, August 11th
                  Ohio Ethics Law Seminar - Friday, August 17th at Silk Aud. at Malone U. 1-2:30 pm
                      Utility Committee Meeting is scheduled for August 20th at 6 pm
                       Arts in the Boulevard – Saturday, September 22nd from 11 am to 5 pm
                       Next concert: Aug 18th – Tequila Mary – Different genres
EXPEDITURE REQUESTS from past meetings:
From Councilman Godwin: Restrict use of tobacco and vaping on village grounds and parks (04/16/18).
From Mayor: Adjustment of Village Clerk’s salary be considered to begin with 2020-2024 term.    Provided to Council by VA on May 7th - Council, Clerk, & Mayor Salary Comparable Lists (05/07/18).
From Mayor: 2018 Fire & EMS Budgets submitted to Council: suggest that Council meet to discuss future funding of Fire and EMS operations (05/21/18).
From VA/Mayor: Advertise for Proposals for a Village Solid Waste Opt-Out Program (06/18/18).
COUNCIL MEMBER GODWIN MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER HAWK and motion carries to appoint Ray Heitger and Ken Damewood to another three-year term on the Village Zoning Board of Appeals with the terms ending 08/06/21.  The vote: All yes.
COUNCIL MEMBER GODWIN MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER FOX and motion carries to set a Public Hearing on September 17th at 6:45 pm for the proposed repeal and replacement of Section 153.439 of the Village Zoning Code with the language recommended by the Village Planning Commission.  The vote: All yes.
Councilman Hilliard requested that the weeds growing up in the streets on the southwest side of town be sprayed before the street sweeping.
COUNCIL MEMBER GODWIN MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER FOX and motion carried to create legislation adopting the language recommended by the Village Planning Commission for the replacement of Section 153.439 of the Village Zoning Code.  The vote: All yes.
COUNCIL MEMBER HAWK MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER GODWIN and motion carried to create legislation modifying the requirements for Soliciting Permits that includes a background check among other new requirements.  The vote: All yes.
Councilman Hawk would like to see the Chairman of the Safety Committee set up a budget meeting.  Councilman Hilliard stated that as the chairman, he would like to meet with the Mayor and VA before setting a date for the meeting.
VILLAGE SPEAKS: Communications Received by Council members from Village residents
No audience comments were made.
COUNCIL MEMBER FOX MOVED, SECONDED BY COUNCIL MEMBER GODWIN and motion carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:04 PM. The vote: All yes.
Respectfully submitted,
Kris King, Clerk-Treasurer
Mike Schwab, Mayor