Sabo Park Disc Golf Course


In July of 2004, at the invitation of Councilman Ken Ensley, Bill Griffith of the Stark County Disc Association sat down with Brewster Village Council to discuss the creation of a Disc Golf Course at Sabo Park in Brewster.  Sabo Park is located in the 400 block of W. Main Street and in 2004 Sabo was an unused recreational area with many mature trees.  At the initial meeting with Brewster Council Bill Griffith advised that the Sabo Park site was an ideal location for Disc Golf that could offer players a challenging course, and that Brewster could construct such a course with a minimal investment.  Bill Griffith, a well known area architect, offered to design a course at Sabo that featured nine holes taking advantage of the natural features of the terrain and the trees.  Council agreed to construct the nine-hole course and under the leadership of Bill Griffith and Councilman Ken Ensley the Sabo Park Disc Golf Course was constructed by the Village Street Department using purchased disc golf chain link baskets for the holes, treated posts to mark the tees, and limestone for launch areas - one through nine. 

Currently, Village Administrator Mike Miller is working with Bill Griffith to redesign the Disc Golf layout.  In 2006 a tornado/straight line wind storm took down most of the large trees that created the original layout, and the original challenges.  Since 2006 the Village has attempted to repopulate Sabo Park with trees that would benefit future generations and the Disc Golf feature.  This replanting of trees continues.  VA Miller saw the need for some modifications to the 2004 layout and has worked with Bill Griffith to redesign the course moving some of the holes to take advantage of the new trees and the natural topography.  If you would like to review the proposed 2018 layout, please access the link below.