How to Contact Area, County , and State Agencies and Churches

This page hopes to provide you with telephone numbers and addresses of local, Stark County, and Ohio agencies that may provide you with assistance or information.   Listed next are Brewster Officials and departments that can offer you local assistance.  Click on the arrow adjacent to this Topic heading to the left and this will point you in the direction of other agencies that may benefit you in your quest for help or answers.

Emergency:                                       911
Police:                    330-767-3191
Fire/Emergency:               330-767-4044
Fire/Business:                   330-767-4212
Utility Office:                    330-767-3312
Village Administrator       330-767-3931
Mayor:                               330-767-4214
Village Clerk:                     330-767-4214
Village Income Tax:          330-767-3931
Zoning:                               330-767-3931
Post Office:                        330-767-3511
Wastewater:                      330-767-3114
Water:                                330-767-3710
Electric:                             330-767-0043